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Staying hydrated lessens the chances of you toh-ing midway through a strenuous activity. Photo: PIONEER

The Importance Of Hydration - Whether You're A Soldier Or A 2.4km Champion

Two words about Singapore's weather: SIbei hot.

And since most (about 75%) of the human body is made up of water, obviously we have to drink enough to replace all that perspiration that literally pours out of our pores when the temperatures soar in sunny Singapore.

Because whether you are a soldier going off on another route march, or a couch potato, or claim to be, ahem, the fastest 2.4km runner in Singapore, we all need water to function.

But of course, you don't only drink water when you're dying of thirst - sufficient hydration has a lot of other health benefits!


Gives you a strong heart

A common cause of overworking your heart is dehydration. According to medical professionals, dehydration lowers your blood volume, which causes your heart to work harder and faster to make sure the rest of your body has oxygen. An overworked heart is prone to heart attacks, strokes and other heart conditions. Your chances of heart issues decreases tremendously by drinking an ample amount of water per day.

Recruits drinking up before the start of their Route March! Hydration is essential throughout the march! Our ground commanders make sure of that the recruits drink plenty of water.

Posted by Basic Military Training Centre on Thursday, September 2, 2021

Maximises your physical performance

Staying hydrated maximises your overall physical performance, according to dietitians. Your body works best if you have enough fluids, whether you are doing sports or normal activities. The moment you start to decrease your water intake, your body starts to lose energy. People who participate in high levels of activity should drink enough before, during and after any intense exercise.


Increases energy and brain function

Studies have shown that hydration plays a crucial role in how well the brain functions. Mild dehydration causes issues with mood, concentration, headaches, memory, fatigue, anxiety and overall brain performance for people of all ages. So gulp down and drink up!


Helps joints and muscles function correctly

Sudden and painful muscle cramps? Well, it could be due to dehydration, according to experts. Your muscles and joints tense up without the right amount of fluid. It is the reason doctors suggest that all patients, especially active patients who participate in sports or intense exercise, drink water throughout the day. The more water you drink, the better your muscles and joints respond to physical activity.

Cleanses your body

Believe it or not, you're taking in a lot of bad stuff every moment of the day - we're referring to the toxins from food, beverages, and the air, and other environmental contaminants. Drinking water cleanses your body by helping organs like your kidneys filter waste from your blood and dispose of it. This, in turn, makes your body feel energised and refreshed.


Treats ailments

You know how our elders always nag us to drink more water? Well, it's because staying hydrated also aids in treating many different ailments and illnesses. When you are sick, it is vital to continue drinking liquids. Your body is working hard to fight off viruses or bacteria that enter the body, so drinking enough fluids can help you recover faster. Common health issues that hydration helps combat include headaches, kidney stones, colds, flus and seizures.


Photo: 123RF

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