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Wash And Learn: Our Fave Vids On Keeping Hands Clean

Here's our daily reminder to WASH. YOUR. HANDS. Regular and effective hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to prevent COVID-19. But frankly, we're bored of all the dry and forgettable PSA videos out there.

Our social media generation needs something much more memorable and entertaining to get the message across. In other words; memes, Tik Tok challenges and coronvirus raps. Here's our round up of viral videos that make hand washing fun.


Coolest Hand Wash Guide

Coolest Hand Wash Guide

Get your groove on while washing your hands with soap and water with our Coolest Hand Wash Guide. Just follow these 8 steps for at least 20 seconds to get to all the hidden germs. Stay clean to stay strong!

Posted by Health Promotion Board, Singapore on Friday, 17 April 2020

This song is so cool it even has the word 'Cool' in its title. But seriously though, we have to give the Health Promotion Board credit where it's due for summarising the 8-step process of keeping your hands clean into a catchy earworm rap. Now everybody go, 'Rinse and wash and dry, rinse and wash and dry'!

#WashYourPaws Challenge

What better way to ensure your hands are clean than getting your adorable pets to remind you? Cat and dogs owners have been posting videos of their felines and furry buddies washing their paws and it's just the cutest thing. Look at this corgi happily splashing away. We will do whatever you want, cuddly creature!

A Thorough Demonstration

While it may seem like a simple task, this viral twitter video shows that there is a difference between washing your hands and washing them thoroughly. A person is seen wearing a pair of white disposable gloves and applying a small amount of black paint to the palm of their hands to represent liquid soap.

Every part of the person's hands is eventually covered in black paint. It is a brilliant demonstration that highlights the importance of following the step-by-step techniques provided by the WHO (World Health Organization) to prevent the spread of germs.

I Will Survive

Disco legend Gloria Gaynor is staring down this pandemic in defiance by bringing back her 1978 hit 'I Will Survive' to Tik Tok (otherwise known as that super catchy song from Shrek for our younger audience).

The video of her washing her hands and lip-syncing to her own song became a social media sensation, sparking millions of views and others showing off their hand-washing techniques with the associated hashtag. Well, if COVID-19 is bringing back disco than we're all for it.

20+ Seconds Long K-Pop Hooks

Speaking of catchy songs, die-hard K-Pop fans will be much more inclined to listen to their idols for a hand-washing PSA. For them, what's 20 seconds when you're jamming to your favourite BTS or BLACKPINK tracks?!

Some of these songs are absolute bangers that you might even start twerking at the sink. By all means, we'll be happy to add that to our viral video list if it blows up.

Shakespeare Saves Lives

To wash or not to wash? That should not even be a question. The Shakespeare Theatre Company has also joined the hand washing bandwagon, posting hilarious memes encouraging viewers to exercise proper hygiene technique while reciting their favourite speech from Lady Macbeth and others.


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