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And no, it's not about they love your new manicure. Photo: 123RF

Your Fingernails Could Be Trying To Tell You Something

TRIGGER WARNING: Some may find the following images disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Photo: Pinterest

1. Thick, crumbly and yellow

Sounds like a caption for your IG post on butter cookies? Well, it also works for nails that have some form of fungal infection. If they are just yellow, it’s time for a break from one too many manicures.

Photo: Pinterest

2. Dark stripes

These could be a sign of melanoma which doesn’t only appear on skin. See a derm straight away.

3. White spots

Also known as leukonychia or milk spots (we are liking the latter more), they aren’t a symptom of calcium deficiency, contrary to popular belief. They are generally the result of an injury on the nail bed. These spots tend to disappear on their own as your nails grow out.

4. Pitting

Small depressions on nails are common among those with psoriasis.

5. Thin and brittle

Ever had your nails chip off or split so easily? That could be a sign of hypothyroidism though in most cases, it’s due to ageing or frequent contact with moisture (a good reason to get your other half to do the dishes tonight).

6. Blue nails

If your talons are having an Avatar moment, you could be low in oxygen. Also, why you are asked to remove all nail polish before surgery so that the anesthesiologist can monitor your levels of O2 by looking at your nails.

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