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5 Ways Channelling Your Inner Mouse Will Get You Through The Lunar New Year

2020 is the year of the Rat (or Mouse, according to the Japanese), and wishes of wealth, happiness and health abound. It is high time that we take a moment to appreciate and learn from these oft misunderstood creatures. Here are five ways channelling your “inner mouse” will help you through the Lunar New Year – and beyond!

1. Stay alert for opportunities
Whenever mice are scurrying about looking for food, it has been observed that they will plan their journey, preferring to walk along walls, and taking note of possible escape routes and possible food opportunities they may come across on the way to their main food goal.

What this means for you: It is good to be focused and driven towards your goals, but do not disregard a possible opportunity that may present itself. You may find that it may not be what you originally intended, but it may just be a greater and more fulfilling endeavour. Also think about your exit strategies for when things go south, or for when you’ve already achieved your original goal.

2. Talk less, speak more
Did you know that mice love to sing? They belt-out duets with one another, sing different songs when they are alone, when they are trying to woo a female, or when a territorial disagreement arises. They vocalise when they are cold, away from the nest, hungry or even lonely. They even play together, wrestle and love sleeping together in a cute pile. Like us, they can become lonely and depressed when they do not have companionship.

What this means for you: Do not be afraid or embarrassed to communicate with one another. It goes without saying that while we are more connected than ever before, the quality of our communication has degraded. This Lunar New Year, take the time to really talk and listen to your friends and family, and you may just learn new things that will take your relationships to a whole new level. If you are socially awkward, do what I do. I just take what they just said, and ask a question based on it. People love talking about themselves; they will feel you are attentive, and feel closer to you for that.

3. Mousey Kondo
Mice, despite common misconceptions, are incredibly clean and tidy. They groom themselves fastidiously and keep things compartmentalised in their nest with separate areas for eating, sleeping and going to the toilet. And they like to keep things that do not belong in the nest out of it. There was even a viral video in 2019 where a house-proud mouse was caught on camera tidying up the workbench of the shed in which it shares with an unsuspecting human.

What that means for you: 2019 may be over, but you will find yourself in a better mental state and ready to take on the new year when your home is tidy, compartmentalised and free of clutter. Psychologists have said that when one’s home is messy it may bombard our minds with excessive stimuli – be it visual, olfactory or tactile. It may even lend itself to a sense of dread of having “too many things to do”.

A helpful tip is not to perform one big spring clean, but rather spark-joy by splitting your house chores into tiny bite-sized portions. Clean as you go and don’t worry about “when” your chores will be done. Rather, take joy “what” you’ve done and “how good” you’ve done it.

4. A tooth to grind

Mice have a set of incisors that never stop growing. Amazingly, they grow at a rate of about 0.03cm/day. That would be like having front teeth the length of an average school ruler by the time you are two years old! Because of this, mice are constantly gnawing on items like cardboard, furniture and, unfortunately, electrical cables to keep their pearly whites in check.

What this means for you: You can take this as a metaphor for growth. You should not be afraid to take on new challenges and cut your teeth, so to speak, on new experiences. You will emerge sharper, wiser and have avoided the pitfall of getting into a rut or, in the case of mice, having teeth growing so long as to become too big for their own mouths.

5. There’s no nest like home

Whenever you see a mouse, their home is never too far away. Mice spend most of their time less than 6 meters away from their nest or burrow.

What that means for you: Build your safety net of family and friends. Take the time to appreciate the people and places around you. You may travel across lands and seas, but there is only one home.

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