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7 Things Guys Should Never Put In Their Online Dating Profile

Profile all done up but you still aren’t getting the swipes and likes? Find yourself wondering why you aren’t matching with people of a more similar wavelength?

Whether you’re a novice or an old hand at online dating, we reckon there’s still a thing or two anyone could learn when it comes to polishing up your profile to increase your chances of meeting someone special.

Here are 7 things you should absolutely avoid stating on your online dating bio at all costs.

1. Profile pictures that don’t show your face

Shadowy pictures or photos that deliberately crop out your face are not enigmatic – they’re simply impractical and, frankly, it also defeats the purpose of online dating.

Imagine online dating as a social gathering that people attend to meet a potential significant other. Having profile pictures that don’t clearly show your face is the equivalent of attending wearing sunglasses or a burlap sack over your head.

People will inevitably wonder why you’re hiding your face, and it’s simply easier for them to ignore rather than go through the effort of finding out more.

2. Blank space (or something similar)

If your bio only sports the one line that says, “Message to find out more about me” or, worse still, it’s completely blank, don’t expect your inbox to be bursting at the seams with messages.

Bios are the place for potential matches to get an idea about your personality, hobbies, and lifestyle to see if they might be able to click with you before they even establish contact. It’s also a place that people go to for conversation starters. Leaving it blank doesn’t give you an air of mysterious appeal – it just makes people lose interest real quick.

3. Humblebrags and the like

Yes, you should be proud of your achievements in life, but you don’t have to constantly shove them in front of every potential match’s face. These are things that could and would come up organically when conversation starts to flow.

What may almost be worse than outright bragging is the humblebrag – pretending to be self-deprecating but really taking the opportunity to show off.

Trust us when we say that humility and being down to earth are far more attractive qualities than any number of trophies and achievements.

4. “Trophy” preferences

There’s nothing more of a turn-off than when your conversational partner feels cheated finding out that you actually know only the most superficial details of what you had claimed to be a lifelong passion.

Instead, list subjects you genuinely enjoy and can hold a lengthy conversation about.

5. Tired, overused phrases

Here’s a new drinking game: take a shot every time you read “wanderlust”, “Haruki Murakami” or “not all who wanders are lost” on a dating bio.

Chances are, your potential matches are just as sick of these phrases as you are.

Be organic and genuine when creating your profile, rather than trying to craft a picture-perfect one based on what the ‘trends’ seem to be. Your genuine nature is more interesting than you think!

6. Fake news

This might be one of the worst sins on our list.

Faking your personality, achievements, or even basic details is an absolute no-no in the online dating world and could even lead to a permanent ban on these platforms, depending on how severe the deception was.

Don’t feel the need to live up to some imaginary standards of people you haven’t even met yet. Relationships are based on trust and honesty, after all.

Trust us, this tactic will land you in more hot soup than you were bargaining for.

7. A long list of pre-requisites to be your girlfriend

You may have had more than your fair share of disappointments in your love life or on online dating platforms, and you’ve already established that there are certain qualities that you wouldn’t be able to accept in a partner.

While that’s valid and fair, having a long list of criteria on your online dating bio will only make you look demanding and self-centered. It’s also the surest way of scaring away potential matches before they’ve even met you.

Always remember that relationships and online dating are a two-way street, which means people are going to be sizing you up as much as you them.

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