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Walls Of Fame: Her Collages Spark A Sense Of Curiosity, Adventure And Discovery

Most people look at the world - but seldom see it. Especially things that go on behind the scenes that remain hidden until someone opens our eyes to them. Someone like artist Danielle Tay, who is preoccupied with all the things that go on in our daily lives which are often overlooked.

"Our minds are struggling to stay still, and every now and then, there is something unseen about a place or a situation," says the 31-year-old. "And that's what I hope to bring out in my artwork, by making visible things that are unseen."

Her works have been exhibited locally and internationally in London, Korea, Moscow, and Hong Kong, for instance, and she has collaborated with many an organisation to brighten up spaces with her brand of creativity.

Facebook Singapore worked with Danielle for their Artist In Residence programme, resulting in the mural featured above, a piece that "explores moments in which we seek reprieve from the daily grind and the multiple meanings ascribed to relief".

Hoarding around the construction of CapitaSpring, an intergrated development surrounded by Philip Street, Church Street and Market Street in the CBD area, features a mural entitled "Pulse of the City", which, in reference to the development's name, takes inspiration from spring.

"Spring for me, represents growth; growth of new business opportunities, new personal and business partnerships and connections. Water springs are important too, as it represents source of life and nourishment and it is around a spring where life flourishes," writes Danielle about her mural in an Instagram post.

"Inspired by these 2 meanings of the word spring, the artwork highlights CapitaSpring as a green oasis in the CBD where people come together for work and recreation. From here, all aspects of an urban lifestyle flourish."

Certainly, one of Danielle's most unique murals entitled "Spirit of the Forest" lies within the lift shaft of Hotel Soloha. (Watch our video at the top to find out more about it.)

"The work is inspired by the elements of curiosity and adventure – the key emotions carried by a traveller. This, I feel, is also what represents the spirit of the forest," says Danielle.

"As there is unpredictability in each step taken in the wild, there is much to be discovered and experienced in every new place we encounter. It is a celebration of this spirit of adventure, of wander and wonder, of the joy in getting lost in unfamiliar places."

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