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Aiyoh! Can Or Cannot? What Easing Of CB Measures Means

Last weekend, the Government announced that they would be progressively easing some of the currently implemented circuit breaker measures in preparation for resumption of activity after 1 June, starting from tomorrow (5 May).

But before you celebrate and chiong for a cup of bubble tea, here's what you can and can't do under these reduced CB measures.




1. Takeaway and delivery from shops selling the following types of food products:

- Cakes and other confectionery products like donuts, waffles, cupcakes, cookies, sweet pastries and chocolate

- Cheese

- Ice cream and yoghurt

- Desserts such as grass jelly and red or green bean soup

- Packaged snacks and loose snacks like nuts, popcorn, potato chips and bak kwa

Onsite manufacturing and preparation of all food products, including cakes and confectionery products, are also allowed to resume.

2. Home-based food businesses can resume operations with the following stipulations:

- Only delivery and collection of food orders is allowed

- Collection of food orders must be by appointment only and should be spread out

- Payment must be made by cashless payment methods

- Only members of the same household are permitted to work in home-based food businesses

- Businesses must ensure contactless delivery and collection, with at least 1m maintained between the seller and delivery person or buyer at all times


1. The following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services will be allowed to resume operations:

- Needle acupuncture

- Sale of retail products at TCM halls with registered practitioners

2. Exercising in common areas of private residential estates such as condominiums, as long as safe distancing is observed


1. Barbers and hairdressers offering basic haircut services, with the following stipulations:

- Only basic haircut services are permitted

- All appointments must be finished within an hour

- Salons must conduct temperature screening

- All staff members and customers must wear masks at all times

- Customers must bring their identification card with them to facilitate contact tracing at these establishments via the SafeEntry system

2. Retail laundry services

3. Retail of pet food and supplies







1. F&B establishments that mainly sell the following products must remain closed:

- Drinks like bubble tea, fruit juice, smoothies and soya bean drinks

- Alcoholic beverages including liquor, wine and beer

- Coffee and tea

2. Dining-in at any F&B establishment


1. The following TCM services are still not permitted:

- Cupping

- Moxibustion

- Guasha

- Tuina

2. All sports and recreational facilities within private residential estates will remain closed. These include:

- Playgrounds

- Pools

- Gyms

- Barbecue pits

- Clubhouses

3. Exercising in groups is still not permitted

This includes both group sports such as frisbee and football as well as other forms of exercise such as running.

4. Exercising without a mask, except during strenuous exercise

Examples of strenuous exercise include:

- Running and jogging

- Cycling

- Static exercises and drills for warm-ups, strength and flexibility

- Walking strenuously such as brisk walking or walking on hilly terrain

However, you will be required to put your mask back on once you are done with these strenuous activities.

5. Carparks in gardens, parks and nature reserves are still closed


1. Walk-in customers for optometry services are still not permitted

Should you need to pick up contact lenses or prescription glasses, you will still need to make an appointment first

2. Unnecessary visits to or contact between other households

This includes visits to elderly parents living alone. Essential visits to help elderly family members with their daily needs are still allowed. However, you are advised to minimise interaction time during these visits and observe strict personal hygiene.

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