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An Extrovert's Guide To Practicing Social Distancing Without Going Nuts

Face it guys. We're living in an extrovert's worst nightmare. Social distancing is the buzzword these days. Travel bans, temporary closures of entertainment venues and the cancellation of live events are now a reality. Extroverts get our energy from other people and these enforced social isolation is killing our vibes. So how are we going to function without going insane?

Keep a routine


Life goes on. Stick to your usual routines. Set your alarm clock early to wake up at your usual timing, have your morning coffee, shower (yes, some people need reminding, unfortunately) and put on something other than your pyjamas. Get fully ready as you normally would to prepare yourself mentally for the workday.

We, humans, are creatures of habits. So keep them while adding new, productive ones. Perhaps it's time to do that house spring cleaning that you've been putting off or organising that messy work desk. Here's something mindblowing... why not learn how to cook your own food? *mind blown*

Technology is your best friend


Gamers are ahead of the curve. They've been livestreaming and socialising with strangers all over the world before it was even socially accepted. Yes, the irony. If that is too scary, why not set aside an evening with a couple of your friends and indulge in a virtual game night. Zombies, army missions, online FIFA, there's a whole host of gaming categories to fit your clique's interests.

Also, it's time to use social media for what it was really meant for. You know, socialising? How many of you actually interact with your followers online other than liking their pictures or stalking their insta stories. Why not actually... get to know them? Social media challenges all the rage. Do a silly Tik Tok video and tag your closest friends and get them to follow suit. If nothing else fails, find the best memes and share the love around. We're always here for the memes.

Reconnect with those at home


Errr.... like your parents? Start with a simple "How you doin'?" (Joey's voice). It's the best time to have some quality bonding sessions with your family before life goes back to normal and we live our separate lives once more. Chilling together with the family at the end of the day in front of the TV seems like a generation ago. If nothing else, it's always fun to get their take on what's currently going around in the world right now. That's a conversation that go on for hours! (You said you wanted some interaction, right?)

Also, talk to your pets. Your cat really needs your attention right now. Oh, who are we kidding? They're probably thinking "These hoomans! Why are they spending more time at home and disturbing my sleep?" *judging stare*

Remember it's PHYSICAL distancing


Thankfully, the country hasn't gone into a national lockdown just yet. That means you can still go outside as long as you are conscious of your PHYSICAL distance with other people. Go exercise or be one with nature. With so much pent-up energy, it will do us a world of good to take a walk or get some fresh air.

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