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Some of the 25 artists who co-created the four designs featured on this year's NDP Packs. Image: NDP 2023 EXCO

Artists Behind The Art: 25 Talents, 140 Artworks, 4 Heartfelt NDP Packs

What's NDP without the NDP Pack?

As with last year's NDP Pack, this year's continues to showcase the exceptional talents of differently abled artists. In total, there are four designs that have been pieced together from 140 art pieces created by 21 artists with disabilities - who hail from various Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and Special Education Schools - as well as SG Enable's Enabling Volunteers from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL).

The artworks adorning the NDP Packs encapsulate how the artists feel about Singapore as their home, and serve as a means of expressing the essence of being Singaporean, and a creative way to highlight our shared experiences, aspirations, and hopes for the future. Naturally, the tote bags serve as a conduit for the artists to convey their best wishes for our nation’s birthday.

So if you're lucky enough to carry one of these designs on your shoulder, know that they come from a place of heartfelt creativity.

Here, we break down the four designs:



Design 1: “Diversity”

Who worked on this design?

  • Esmond Kang Xiang Xi (MINDS Woodlands Gardens School)
  • Nurasyurah Binte Mohd Noran (MINDS Towner Gardens School)
  • Zenneth Chua Xiang Yee (MINDS Fernvale Gardens School)
  • Ken Alfarizqi Backsin (Rainbow Centre Admiral Hill School)
  • Chua Song Yang (Eden School)
  • SG Enable Enabling Volunteer Justine Anne Yeo Jia Lynn (Nanyang Polytechnic)

What does the design show? The shape of Singapore! The colourful segments highlight things that shape our Republic – from iconic landmarks and different types of transportation to HDB flats, diverse flora and even the Singapore Armed Forces defending the Republic.

What does this work represent? Unity amid diversity; a celebration of inclusivity and the multicultural fabric of Singaporean society.



Design 2: "Fabric of Singapore"

Who worked on this design?

  • Nur Aleesya Binte Abdullah (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore)
  • Siti Nur Halidah Bte Jamaludin (MINDS IDEA Employment Development Centre)
  • Koh Jia Ming Jermyn (TOUCH Community Services)
  • Sri Ramachandran s/o Vijayan (Lighthouse School)
  • Mark Rojan Montenegro Tupas (Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School)
  • SG Enable Enabling Volunteer Jordan Chang Shan Jern (LASALLE College of the Arts)

“I think the indoor waterfall at Changi Airport and the Merlion are beautiful, so I wanted to represent that in my artwork. I feel very proud and happy to be a Singaporean,” says Sri Ramachandran, who received the 2022 LKY-ESA award in recognition of his perseverance in overcoming his hearing loss to excel in his endeavours.

What does the design show? A patchwork that combines traditional and modern elements that define Singapore, centred around a striking little red dot (geddit?). Integrated into the patchwork are illustrations of the Esplanade, ArtScience Museum, the Rain Vortex at Jewel Changi Airport, and the Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay.

What does this work represent? A visual tribute to Singapore’s unity, resilience, and commitment to preserving our national heritage while embracing progress.



Design 3: ‘Connectedness’

Who worked on this design?

  • Ethan Oh En Kai (APSN Chaoyang School)
  • Muhammad Rizq Daniyal Bin Muhammad Lutfi (Grace Orchard School)
  • Aeden Wan Chee Yu (APSN Tanglin School)
  • Tan Gin Long (Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School)
  • Chong Chia How (St. Andrew’s Autism School)
  • SG Enable Enabling Volunteer Dao Thu Hien (Nanyang Polytechnic)

“I drew a bus because it’s my favourite! My daddy is a bus driver, too,” says Ethan, who is passionate about art and enjoys playing badminton weekly.

“I like trains and I am a train enthusiast. I can’t wait to see the fireworks during NDP!” says Muhammad Rizq Daniyal, who inspired his teammates to focus the final design around Singapore’s public transportation.

What does the design show? A map of our MRT system. It's not just our trains getting the spotlight, but also our buses, ships, and Changi Airport, representing the extensive transportation network in our bustling city-state.

What does this work represent? It's a celebration of "Connectedness" and the role Singapore plays as a global transportation hub. The four arrows at each corner represent Singapore’s willingness to connect and engage with the world.



Design 4: ‘Blooming Singapore’

Who worked on this design?

  • Lin Chunru (Down Syndrome Association Singapore)
  • Muhammad Fadhil bin Abdul Jalil (Metta Welfare Association)
  • Katy Lim Heng Peng (Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped)
  • Lim Kay Choong (Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore)
  • Ang Wei Lun (Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore)
  • Joy Koh (ART:DIS)
  • SG Enable Enabling Volunteer Alandy Daniel Isaac Pinga (Nanyang Polytechnic)

"Since I was young, I’ve always only watched the NDP on TV, but this year I am part of it and I was able to create something that everyone is going to get,” says Kay Choong, a big bro who always advises his younger peers to treasure every magical moment and memories shared with loved ones.

What does the design show? The Vanda Miss Joachim, Singapore’s national flower. A heart shaped centre connects the petals, each showcasing something unique about Singapore including our food, our people, and our landmarks. The design is inspired by braille, and pays tribute to inclusivity and accessibility for people with visual impairments.

What does this work represent? It is a testament to the harmonious unity of different cultures and traditions in our nation.

Five of the 25 artists: (from left) Ethan Oh En Kai, SG Enable Enabling Volunteer Justine Anne Yeo Jia Lynn, Lim Kay Choong, Sri Ramachandran s/o Vijayan, and Muhammad Riza Daniyal Bin Muhammad Lutfi. | IMAGE: NDP 2023 EXCO

Who gets these NDP 2023 Packs?

NDP 2023 Packs will be distributed to spectators at the NE Shows, NDP Previews, the NDP on 9 August, and those with tickets for the Heartland Celebrations on 5 and 6 August.

Find out more about the artists and the artworks in a digital version of "Book of Stories" here.

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