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While residents across Singapore waved their flashlights and followed Dick Lee's lead in singing "Home", little did everyone know that our migrant worker friends in the Westlite dormitories were doing the same. Image:

What You Didn't See During The Home Singalong: Migrant Workers Singing, Too

Across Singapore on Saturday evening (25 Apr 2020) at 8pm, thousands took to their windows and balconies to participate in what was essentially a nationwide one-song karaoke session.

Led by Dick Lee - accompanied by local celebs including Taufik Batisah, Shabir, Rahimah Rahim and Vernetta Lopez as well as a 900-strong virtual choir - residents waved their flashlights and sang (some literally belted and shouted) the singer-songwriter's beloved national song "Home", made popular Kit Chan.

The reason: to show support and gratitude for frontline workers who have been fighting tirelessly sing the first COVID-19 case in Singapore was confirmed on 23 Jan 2020; as well as our migrant worker friends, many of whom make up the over 12,600 COVID-19 cases to date.

The result: this video below.

A little-known fact was that while the above was happening, our migrant worker friends from Westlite Juniper, Westlite Papan, Westlite Toh Guan and Westlie Woodlands dormitories joined the singalong enthusiastically as well, as seen in videos courtesy of the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC).

They might not be familiar with the lyrics nor the tune, but whistle and cheer they did:

MWC is a non-government organisation jointly set-up in May 2012 by the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). Their mission is to champion fair employment practices and the well-being of migrant workers in Singapore. 

During the Circuit Breaker, MWC has distributed 370,000 reusable masks to migrant workers in dormitories across Singapore, and are in the process of getting toiletries for them. They also have a Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund (MWAF), which aims to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to distressed migrant workers.

Donate to the MWAF and find out other ways you can help our migrant worker friends during this period by reading our piece, "You've Got A Friend In Me: How To Help Migrant Workers".

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