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This list is udderly inspiring. So get a moo-ve on! Illustration: 123RF

How Channelling Your Inner Ox Will Get You Through The Lunar New Year

Wait. it's already the Lunar New Year, and you still haven't made that list of New Year's resolutions?!

Good news is, it's never too late (except maybe in December). Plus, you don't really have to think outside the (b)ox this CNY because you can just learn from the ox itself.

Want to learn how to be strong, methodical, and reliable like this zodiac beast? Then read this list of bovine traits and how to apply them to your life. And hopefully by the end, you will be a little wiser and more resolute to become a better, stronger you.


1. The ox is durable aka sibei buff

There’s a reason for the popular saying “as strong as an ox”! An ox can pull and carry a weight of 900kg, roughly 1.5 times its body weight, across rugged terrain. They are used for ploughing, transport (pulling carts, hauling wagons and riding), threshing grain by trampling, and powering machines that grind grain or supply irrigation among other purposes.

How to channel this trait: No lah, not asking you become super buff. Strength needn't always be physical. Being strong mentally and emotionally is equally, if not more important, in our day-to-day living. Regular exercise (especially after all thos CNY goodies - and there are some pretty interesting ones this year) and even simple meditation will go a long way in increasing your fortitude.


2. The ox is dependable aka reliable

Some animals may try to run away when they're forced to do hard work for too long. However, oxen are loyal animals that'll stay around. Oxen are also hardworking animals that are even stronger than horses. Fact: despite doing all that labour, they only need about four hours of sleep per day!

How to channel this trait: Don't always siam work or at least make sure you follow through and be responsible. Can try to tahan a bit when the going gets tough. Also, make sure you get enough sleep else you'll be a cranky zombie.


3. The ox is disciplined aka methodical

You may have a pet dog that you enjoy seeing doing tricks based on your commands. Oxen are similar to pet dogs because they also respond to commands. Farmers have signals that they use to direct oxen to do various jobs. The signals consist of words or movements that oxen can understand. So there's a method to their hard work and it's not just brainless bulldozing.

How to channel this trait: Be a bit more kiasu kiaisi (in a good way), and plan ahead. If there's a proper method to doing things, chances are it's been tried and tested to perfection. So adopt those methods or come up with better ones, and you'll find that many things in life can be easier with the right planning.


4. The ox is dilligent aka steady bom pi pi

Oxen are cooperative and dependable animals that can continue to use their strength for long amounts of time. They work hard and work harder. That's why farmers love them because they are super conscientious in the work they do.

How to channel this trait: You can work hard but also work smart. By being more productive and efficient, you can still deliver quality work using less time if you're dilligent and pay great(er) detail to your tasks.


5. The ox is determined aka never say die

People have used oxen to help out with manual labour for over six thousand years. And in all those years, the sturdy ox never gave up once assigned to any task. They will die die try their best and hardest till the task is completed.

How to channel this trait: If you've set out to achieve some personal goals this year, then direct all your efforts to achieving them. Even if you don't succeed, at least you can be proud that you didn't give up, no matter the challenges.


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