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Honeymoon Heaven: How To Plan The Perfect Romantic Getaway (Like We Have!)

Whew, that was the wedding done and dusted! No more checklists and agonising over every small detail. You’ve signed your life away to your forever person, and you’re ready to celebrate in style by going on your honeymoon. But wait, do you have to plan this too?!

Well, they say that marriage is hard work, and the same goes for your honeymoon if you want to make it lit ✨

Start early

Ideally, you should be planning your honeymoon at least nine months to a year in advance. This gives you more time to go through potential destinations with your partner and make an informed choice instead of rushing to pick a place just because. (My S.O. and I kickstarted the process one year in advance. Even so, we only booked our flights two months later!)

Plus, you get more flexibility with choosing flights and accommodation, such as travelling during the off-peak season to get more bang for your buck – which is why my S.O. and I have opted to travel to Europe in the upcoming autumn months to avoid the summer crowd and sky-high prices.

Set a realistic budget and start saving up

Another advantage of starting your planning early is that you get to save up for your dream honeymoon and not have to compromise just because money no enough. Early in the discussion, be sure to agree on a workable budget, evaluate your joint cash flow (weddings are expensive after all) and establish a plan to contribute towards the honeymoon fund.

The magic number is also important because it enables you to then narrow down the destinations you can afford. You don’t want to be all hyped for Barbados only to realise you can’t afford it, right? 

Make your honeymoon a personal choice

Forget about your colleague’s glowing endorsement of their CLOY-style honeymoon in Switzerland, or your mum’s insistence that you visit Hawaii just because someone else’s daughter had a great time there. The trip of a lifetime should be tailored to suit bae’s and your needs. Here are some criteria that my S.O. and I considered before deciding on our destination:

  • Pace of trip: Relaxed, semi-relaxed or cram in as many places to see as possible?
  • Idea of a romantic place
  • Favourite activities
  • Ideal climate: Sunny fiesta, fall foliage or winter wonderland?

As my S.O. loves cities while I’m a countryside girl, we agreed to have a hybrid trip that will allow us to make a stopover in a major city for a day or two, then move on to, in his own words, the “lakes and mountains part”.

Upgrade your honeymoon with air miles or points

For a truly unforgettable escapade with bae, splurge on luxury travel such as flying business class/first class or upgrading your hotel room to a suite. But no, don’t splash actual cash on that and bankrupt yourself in your first year of marriage! Utilise the hard-earned points or air miles you’ve accumulated from your credit card to redeem a free flight or score an upgrade.

Real-life example: My husband and I paid about $300 per person in airport tax and fuel surcharge for a one-way business class flight and the return leg economy flight, after redeeming the air miles we saved up during the pandemic. Shiok.

Don't forget about couple time

You’re exploring the world together and it’s all fun, but do remember to take some time out from the packed Google Sheets schedule for some couple activities. Amid our daily rituals, enjoying each other’s company can sometimes be something that’s taken for granted, which is why that should be the focus of the honeymoon. Pencil in some rejuvenating couple-spa time, throw each other flirty looks over a Michelin-starred candlelit dinner or take a stroll by the beach while admiring a glorious sunset.

As my S.O. and I are legit foodies, I have planned some promisingly exquisite Michelin-starred dinners with le hubs, which we both are really looking forward to when we finally embark on that trip in October.

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