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PSA: What Is It About Social Distancing That You Don't Get, People?

In light of yesterday's announcement that all entertainment venues will be closed from 26 March until 30 April, several nightlife operators are planning to host "farewell" parties to go out with a bang.

Sounds fun, right?


[Joint statement by the Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Police Force] Following...

Posted by Singapore Tourism Board on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In a joint statement issued by the Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Police Force, the authorities reminded nightlife operators that any "farewell" events must have fewer than 250 participants and "continue to strictly implement safe distancing measures", such as "ensuring a distance of at least a metre between all participants" and minimising mingling amongst participants.

But, you know what's the most effective safety measure?


Social distancing exists for a reason, people! Please use some common sense and DON'T attend these farewell parties for the sake of your health (and, in case you don't mind risking your wellbeing for a night of fun, for the sake of other people's health).


Thankfully, it seems that at least some members of the public agree. In response to Singapore Tourism Board's post, FB user Justin Tan said "Shut them down pls. This is insanely irresponsible."

Another FB commenter Lee Yuen pointed out that "After a drink or 2, no one will be following rules."

Which is certainly quite true; how many drunk or tipsy people will remember to keep a metre away from each other (if they can even remember how to measure distance by that point)?

Bottom line? Don't be a Covidiot; be responsible and STAY HOME.

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