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Three Guinness World Records In Two Years Aren’t Enough For Rain Chua

If you dislike going to the gym, you’re not alone.

Three-time Guinness World Record holder Rain Chua has an aversion for the gym too because “it’s too crowded”.

This and some impressive calisthenics videos on YouTube sparked the 26-year-old software engineer’s passion for this form of exercise that consists of a variety of movements which targets000 large muscle groups.

Requiring minimal equipment, these exercises make use of one’s body weight instead to build muscle.

“What I love most about calisthenics is that you can do it anywhere,” says Rain.

In celebration of Guinness World Record Day today, we throw the spotlight on Rain’s amazing achievements, which include the record for doing the most number of diamond push-ups in one minute, and the record for doing the most number of rear pull-ups one minute.

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