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10,000 Steps With Tosh: Jungle Jaunts And Beefy Bros In Toa Payoh

Chalk up your daily 10,000 steps with Tosh Zhang, as he brings you on a route that takes you around one of SIngapore's oldest estates.

His walking kakis in this episode: NS buddies Roy Chiang and Rain Chua (@rain_chua). The latter, get this, broke not one, but two Guinness World Records last year: 1) the record for the most number of diamond push-ups in one minute, and 2) the record for the most number of rear pull-ups one minute.

Trust us, we too feel super lao kui and weak after just reading that.

The 26-year-old co-founder of calisthenics (bodyweight strength training) group Bar Brothers and his pal Roy accompany Tosh on a trip around Toa Payoh, discovering, in the process, the tomb of Singapore pioneer Seah Eu Chin (1805-1883, see below) aka the King of Gambier, who made his wealth from gambier plantations. If you didn't know, gambier was grown for its betel leaves and for use in the tanning and dyeing industry.

Speaking of old, they also chance upon a secret stash of retro collection of magazines, cassettes, posters and miscellaneous decades-old knick-knacks at Jennifer's Vintage and Antique...

Eventually, the trio end their 10,000-step walk at a playground in Toa Payoh Central with the rest of Rain's Bar Brothers members, who show Tosh a thing or two about calisthenics.

Calisthenics is basically how some people are able to turn themselves into a human flag. Interestingly, the word calisthenics is derived from two Greek words: "kalos" meaning "beauty", and "stenos" meaning strength.

This video and story are part of our 10,000 Steps With Tosh series. Joined by different walking kakis in each episode, Tosh brings you on routes around Singapore that help you discover new things about our sunny island, even as you fulfil your daily recommended 10,000 steps.

And if you're interested in walking the route featured in this episode, simply click the Google map below.

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