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8 Most Fun (And Free) Water Parks For Kids In Singapore

Looking for something to do with your kids this Easter long weekend? With the scorching weather right now, it might be tempting to just stay indoors.

But don't fret: You can beat the heat at these fun, free water parks instead. Sprinklers, bubblers, slides and water fountains, these free water parks have everything your little one is going to want for a perfect day out.

Here’s where you want to go:

1. Coastal Playgrove @ East Coast Park

Located at the former Big Splash site (at Area B) of East Coast Park, the spacious 4.5ha Coastal PlayGrove is home to the Play Tower, Singapore’s tallest outdoor play feature (standing at 16m high), featuring a 4-storey vertical net play area called the Vertical Challenge, and slides on the third and fourth floor (the latter is also the tallest outdoor slide in Singapore). The water play area is decked out with a huge number of water jets around the two wading pools and a narrow stream lined with water jets for extra splashing fun. Tip: Colourful lights light up the water play area every evening.

2. Far East Organization Children's Garden

Especially designed for children aged 12 and below, this gorgeous waterpark is thoughtfully divided into two, age-specific areas for the kids. Little ones (aged 1-5 years old) can hone their motor skills with water play at the cute interactive play space, the Toddler Play Zone, equipped with a swaying bridge, Fish Fountain complete with fish sculptures, water tunnels and stepping springs. For older children (aged 6-12 years), the equally interactive Water Play area is fitted with motion sensors and a tall spray jet that intelligently detect and respond to the movement of children in real time to create a thrilling corresponding sequence of water effects and patterns! Note: only one accompanying adult is allowed per child during peak periods.

Far East Organization Children's Garden is open to visitors from Thursday to Sunday

3. Jelutung Harbour Park Water Play Area

Located at Admiralty Link (a hidden spot in Admiralty and Sembawang area, in front of Blk 488 and 489), this playground is actually home to four playgrounds and a very cute ship and sea serpent-themed water play area for all kids! The latter features water fountains, water guns, jet sprays, and even a tiny splash bucket.

4. Rooftop Playground @ Tampines 1

Another rooftop playground, the wildlife-themed water park here is for kids aged 5-12 years old. Water-spraying hippos, seal-shaped slides, sprinklers and gushing water fountains and water showers are all the rage here. Plus, check out the Antartica wet play area (located at the back of the play area) which has an arctic theme with polar bears and seals and even a polar bear slide!

5. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park Water Play Area

Located right next to the famous Seletar Reservoir, the water park here is designed for young ones. There’s a wading steam, two water fountains at the central fountain area and two water spouts in the pond for them to splash about in, with water spray jets!

6. Water Playground @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Take the kids to make a splash at the Water Playground at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. But unlike most other typical water play areas, don’t expect splash buckets and spraying water jets. Instead, expect recycled water flowing at ground level for kids to run in and splash around, with mini-sluice gates for little ones to control the flow and direction of water.

Water Playground @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is open Thursday to Sunday

7. Clusia Cove at Jurong Lake Gardens

Part of the sprawling 90 hectare Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore’s largest heartland nature wonderland and latest national garden, is the popular Clusia Cove water park. Named after one of the semi aquatic plants found in the eco-pond, the Autograph Tree (Clusia rosea), this three-hectare water playground offers natural tidal pools, surface ripples, tide currents and a smart auto-disinfecting water system!

What to expect? There’s a large eco-pond surrounded by shrubbery, a sand pit that’s perfect for toddler sensory play, and a tidal pool with naturally occurring ripples. And just while playing, (older) children can also learn about water dynamics and how the water they are playing in is kept clean thanks to the close-looped natural water recycling system and the surrounding natural plants that play a role in water treatment.

Another interesting feature is the fact that the re-entry of the cleaned and processed water back into the water play area is what creates the coast-like surface ripples in the tidal pool zone.

Closed on Mondays except Public Holidays

8. Dino-themed Wet Playground at Causeway Point

Bring your little one for a Dino-mite experience at this prehistoric adventureland water park in Woodlands! The wet playground is filled with slides, spring riders, trampolines, and is divided into two different zones.

The Fossil Spray and Toddler Dino Zone has a 2m hollow Ribcage Fossil with activity water jets embedded in the floor ‘rocks’. And there’s also the cute little Dino Egg Tray for simple sensory water play, where water cascades through ‘egg shells’ with little spinning wheels and levers.

The Adventure Volcano and Crater Zone has slides and giant rocks to jump on that lead up to a mist-spraying volcano, as well as a huge blue Sauropod which shoots out water jets as kids run between its tail and body, where more spray jets await.

Closed every second Monday of the month

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