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Bugis Village And Bugis Street Are Getting Makeovers

Go visit Bugis while you can, because it's about to look very different. CapitaLand has won a joint tender by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Singapore Tourist Board (STB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to manage an integrated Bugis Village and Bugis Street, meaning it will look a lot less like rough-and-tumble market we know and love, and more like a zhng-ed-up millenial-friendly mall. 

The 3-year tenancy term commences on 1 April 2020, and may be extended until 30 March 2030. Existing tenants in Bugis Village and Bugis Street may continue operations under CapitaLand until 31 March 2020.

In the meantime, here are some of the proposed plans, as well as what the area might actually look like down the road: 

Easier access to Bugis Street from the MRT
A new link bridge connecting Bugis Street to Bugis+ will make it much easier to get there from the MRT, especially on rainy days.


New retail concepts
Only time will tell how much Bugis Street and Bugis Village will retain their old-world, market-like charms, but the revamped version may include an "incubator space" for brands to pilot experiential concepts, as well as coworking and coliving spaces. So, Funan 2.0? 


Modernised street shopping
While Bugis Street as we know it is packed wall-to-wall with kitschy souvenir stalls and knockoff handbags hanging from steel poles, the revamped Bugis Street and Bugis Village will be, well, airier, replete with with colourful container displays and "Instagrammable bites". 

These changes won't happen overnight and are still subject to approval, but while you're waiting, make sure you set time for one last hurrah beneath the fluorescent lights and "3 for $10" signs.

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