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Cool or what: Laser tag players can expect this mesmerising and commanding figure giving instructions.

Face Of The Future: Singapore Discovery Centre Reopens With Cool Stuff Galore

With the pandemic (and Singaporeans) not leaving anytime soon, we are on the hunt for new and exciting things to do. And the timely reopening of the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) on the 31st of October is sure to sweep our boredom away. 

Visitors of all ages can indulge in a variety of activities, including laser tag, escape rooms, and more. Expect an immersive experience with the use of technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, as well as interactive screens and motion sensors. Basically, it's a super cool playground for families and youths to learn more about Singapore’s history and chill lah!

Here, our list of what awaits you at SDC:

Animated works retell Singapore's history from different perspectives, with one such example here of what life was like for a young girl during the Japanese Occupation.

Through the Lens of Time

Basically, it is: A super cool learning journey.

Means what? This is a permanent exhibit gallery at SDC. Using augmented reality, visitors can walk through a vibrant display of new stories about Singapore’s history from different perspectives. Young and old can bond through this immersive journey about Singapore’s past and present. They will travel back in time, all the way to the 13th century during our pre-colonial era, and explore events such as the Japanese Occupation and the daring 1983 Sentosa cable car rescue mission. The more tech-savvy ones can even use the mySDC app to create personalised Time Travelling Avatars and journey together during the gallery walkthrough.

A demonstration of one of the escape rooms modelled after a medical isolation room. Watch how players literally pick at the mannequin's brains for the key.

Black Lake Facility

Basically, it is: A place to put your brain juice to use.

Means what? This is the largest multi-storey escape room in Singapore, spanning 13 rooms across 4 themed chapters intertwined in one story. Unlike your traditional lock-and-key escape rooms, players can even interact with motion sensors, touch sensors and UV lighting to figure out puzzle pieces! The rooms have different difficulty levels as well - families can bring the young ones along for the easier rooms - and youths or adults can tackle the harder ones.

Laser tag players can expect to be fully equipped with the latest equipment for a fully immersive experience.

Black Lake Laser Battlefield

Basically, it is: An arena to get your heart pumping.

Means what? The laser tag area uses state-of-the-art technology, including revolutionary projections and environment props. Participants will be thrown into a battlefield with interactive changeable combat situations; they can experience a post-apocalyptic world or even a jungle-themed environment. The interactive projections allow participants to pass by or shoot them, using the environment around them for a more dynamic and lifelike gaming experience.

Wild Thyme Cafe and The Mind Cafe

Basically, it is: A place to recharge and chill A.K.A.lepak

Means what? Want a quick bite or a place to relax? The old canteen has been revamped into a lifestyle hangout cafe: be it a family meal out, a chill session with your pals or rounds of board games, this is the place to be. Western and Asian cuisine will be offered at affordable prices with the menu specially designed by local celebrity chef Charlie Tham. The cafe offers various ordering options such as Grab and Go, a Self-Ordering Kiosk, and a Counter Ordering Queue. If you want to exercise both your mouth and brain, The Mind Cafe has board games available as well.

Rows and rows of solar panels that are part of Singapore Discovery Centre's sustainability efforts.

Outdoor Floating Boardwalk

Basically, it is: A scenic outdoor view of SDC’s surroundings.

Means what? A refreshing walk alongside hundreds of solar panels on the lake and atop SDC’s roof. Sustainability is key to SDC’s renovations. The centre has installed a total of 2,325 solar panels spread across the roof, the lake, and the sheltered walkway, and they account for nearly half of the centre’s electrical consumption. Visitors can walk across the boardwalk and get up close to the solar panels floating atop the lake, as well as take “wefies” or selfies with SDC and SAFTI tower in the background.

XD Theatre

Basically, it is: A thrilling 4D film experience.

Means what? This theatre will keep you on the edge of the seat, quite literally. You need to buckle up and hold on to the sides of your seat as you watch 4D films. By integrating motion, special effects, and sounds, the XD Theatre provides a truly multi-sensory experience. Expect thrilling titles like “Sky Hunt” and a modern rendition of “Pinocchio”.

There are different requirements for each attraction, including age and height limits. Visitors should check SDC's website first before heading down! And as always, remember to adhere to safe distancing rules; keep safe and have fun!

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