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Visiting Tourist Attractions? Think About Those Who Get Them Ready For Us

In this new normal brought about by COVID-19, many of us have become ensconced in our homes, and forgo heading out (save for running the most necessary of errands) as a safety precaution.

And the result of that has been, in a word, bleak.

Many businesses and industries have been hit so hard, one wonders how they'll ever bounce back when this pandemic is over - and who knows when that will be? (And then, I have friends who talk gaily about there being only 99 days to Christmas and making pineapple tarts for next Chinese New Year, but that's another story; think they've been ensconced in their homes too long liao.)

One of the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic is, no doubt, tourism. And a new video by Changi Airport Group pays tribute to all those working behind the scenes in the tourism community who take care of Singapore's beloved tourist attractions, and getting them ready for visitors when things (hopefully) go back to the way they used to be.

Partly funded by the Singapore Tourism Board’s SG Stories Content Fund, the video entitled "While You Were Home" showcases places like Gardens By The Bay, Jewel and National Museum, as well as local icons like the orangutan and a soaring Singapore Airlines jet.

"This project is exceptionally meaningful to us as we are part of the wider tourism ecosystem. The airport community has been working tirelessly to enhance safety measures across Changi Airport and Jewel, while transforming the passenger experience in our terminals as well," says Ivan Tan, Group Senior Vice President, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Changi Airport Group.

“With this film, we wanted to showcase the tourism sector’s unsung heroes who have been working relentlessly behind-the-scenes to ensure attractions are safe and ready to welcome people back again. Our heroes share their experiences on how they have kept things going throughout this challenging period."

Indeed, those who are out of sight are often out of mind - like frontline workers, our migrant worker friends, and our brothers and sisters in the Singapore Armed Forces defending this island we call home.

So, share this video (which ends off with a kickass tagline: "when you are ready, we'll be ready"), and when you walk through the turnstile of the next tourist attraction you visit, keep in mind the resilience and perseverance of all of those who work tirelessly to make your visit a pleasant one.

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