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Heading to Lau Pa Sat? Check out Yip Yew Chong's 10m-long mural (left) as well as merch featuring illustrations by Ah Guo. IMAGES: LAU PA SAT

Local Artists Unveil New Creations To Celebrate Lau Pa Sat's 130th

Happy World Art Day (15 Apr)! World Art Day was started by the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP) to commemorate Leonardo da Vinci's birthday (he would have been 572 today 👴). This occasion is all about revelling in the beauty and cultural richness that art brings to our world.

To commemorate this special day, one of Singapore's most iconic food havens, Lau Pa Sat, is throwing an artistic birthday bash featuring new works by two well-known Singapore artists. Incidentally, Lau Pa Sat, which is one of the Lion City's 75 National Monuments, is 130 years old this year. (See end of article.)

Enter Yip Yew Chong and Ah Guo.


Marvel at Yip Yew Chong's stunning 10-metre long mural (painted over six days), which captures the heart and soul of Lau Pa Sat's incredible journey over time. From its humble beginnings as a fish market by the sea in 1824 to its modern-day incarnation as a bustling hawker centre, the mural seamlessly transitions across two centuries, from day to night.

The mural's intricate yet panoramic style brings the scenes to life with life-sized details of food and characters, drawing you in and allowing you to imagine the cacophony of sounds and mixture of smells that make up the bustling scene. Keep an eye out for playful elements like the chicken "chope-ing" a seat, a runaway crab (hint: it's somewhere near the bell tower), Yew Chong's signature grumpy cat (enjoying satay here, no less!), and more.

Find out more about Yew Chong's other artworks on here and here.

A notebook designed by Ah Guo. | IMAGE: LAU PA SAT

Ah Guo, a prolific painter known for his captivating digital and watercolour illustrations, has made waves in the art scene with several successful exhibitions in recent years. And in a blend of style and functionality, you can snag a piece of Lau Pa Sat home through seriously cool merch featuring Ah Guo's dreamy watercolour designs.


His rendition of Lau Pa Sat includes a bustling dawn scene of Lau Pa Sat's early days, when the market thrived by the sea. Fishermen used to ply their trade in the nearby waters, while street hawkers (including the iconic Satay seller and other purveyors of traditional heritage dishes) peddled their tasty offerings.


From 1 May 2024 to 31 Jul 2024, you'll be given 1 stamp with every $10 spent at either retail or F&B stores in Food Folks (located at Lau Pa Sat). Collect the required number of stamps to get the exclusive Ah Guo merchandise you're eyeing. Or aiyah, collect them all! Alternatively, you can purchase the merchandise directly at Food Folks.


National Monuments Of Singapore: Lau Pa Sat

ICYDK, Lau Pa Sat is not just an old building, it's also a National Monument. National monuments of Singapore are distinguished sites, buildings, and structures across our Little Red Dot recognised by the National Heritage Board (NHB) for their exceptional historic, cultural, architectural, or artistic significance.

Among the 75 identified to date, Lau Pa Sat was the fourth building to be gazetted as a National Monument. Read more about it here, and find out more about the other National Monuments in the original series, National Monuments of Singapore.

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