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A feng shui master gives her take on my bedroom layout IMAGE: 123RF

My First Time… Arranging My Bedroom According to Feng Shui

My awareness and understanding of feng shui were superficial at best. In my first job as a bookstore assistant at MPH, I vividly recalled the store having a shelf section dedicated entirely to the subject. Feng shui literally translates to “the way of wind and water," and it is especially popular here in Singapore. But somehow, I was blissfully unaware of its influence on business, commerce, and even architecture, having assumed it was a religious concept and that it would be in conflict with my own beliefs.

Well, that was until I met Master Jacelyn Phang from Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui. She is a tarot master and celebrity feng shui speaker who has worked with numerous companies, from hotel chains to national banks. She has also been featured on local radio (883 Jia FM) and in publications too (Cleo Magazine).

Master Jacelyn’s insights have helped clear up a few of the misconceptions I initially had about this ancient practice. As one of the most sought-after English speakers in her profession, she helped me bridge the gap for a non-native Chinese speaker like me. “Feng shui helps you get harmonious energies, wherever you are,” she explained.

She reiterated that feng shui is not a religion but, in fact, a study of energy and how we can use its transformational aspects to our benefit. Basically, imagine if Einstein’s basic formula of E=MC2 were expanded into a 4000-year-long study.

I was fascinated to learn how property developers, offices, and even our government incorporated feng shui to design their buildings. For example, did you know that the iconic Marina Bay Sands feature reflective surfaces to resemble water, which is a sign of wealth and prosperity in feng shui?


Feng shui at home

My ears perked up when Master Jacelyn mentioned that you can use feng shui at home to change the way you perceive your environment and create a healthier alignment of your internal energy. I broached the subject of whether she could give some advice on how I could arrange my room specifically to invite this positive energy. Let’s just say she had some rather interesting insights to share.

But first, she asked for my date and time of birth. This was a bit of a challenge. I mean, who remembers their time of birth by heart? I had to dig up my old health booklet for this little activity.

She then asked me to provide the area size of my home layout and to snap a picture of my room. I was nervous about this, seeing as how my bachelor pad usually looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Could all the clutter be what’s preventing the good “chi” from entering my room? However, I was also conscious of the fact that cleaning up before taking the photo would somehow compromise the exercise. Ultimately, I acquiesced to her request.

A few weeks passed before Master Jacelyn got back to me with her findings. It was an incredibly comprehensive evaluation, ranging from my love life to my career and even my health.

Tip #1 - Have both sides of your bed accessible

Currently, one side of my bed is lined up against the wall of my room in a bid to save space. But it turns out that it might not be such a good idea.

“If you are single and waiting for the love of your life, it is best to have two sides of your bed accessible,” Master Jacelyn advised. This can be remedied by placing the headboard against the wall instead, or preferably under a window. It should ideally be in a commanding position facing the door but not directly in line with it. When a person can sleep better in their room, it increases their efficiency and improves overall well-being

Truth be told, my love life has always been turbulent at best. I was single for most of my 20s but finally had a more settled long-term relationship only in the last few years. So, she might just be on to something 😅.

Tip #2 - Consider having a workstation at the north-west corner of your room

Master Jacelyn noted that since I was born in the year of the monkey, my career will face some turbulence this year. Yikes! But not to worry; she has a few solutions to recommend. Firstly, find out the directional sectors in my room. It’s as simple as opening up a compass app on your smartphone. Once I’m well-oriented, it’s time to focus on the auspicious areas.

“You can consider doing work in the north-west corner of your room. Either place a bean bag in that corner or even put a standing lamp there. The northwest sector governs wisdom and intelligence in 2024. You will find that you will get more inspiration and creativity when you work in that corner or sector.”

As someone who works from home regularly, it is certainly food for thought. As I’m operating within a rather confined space, I always end up sitting on my bedside with my laptop. This is a big no-no, according to Master Jacelyn. Electronic devices contain active energy and can interfere with your relaxation. Perhaps having a dedicated work corner that is freed from clutter would help me with my productivity and creativity.

Of course, it’s always advisable to turn off electronic devices before sleeping. But I guess I needed to take it a step further and move my laptop completely away from my sleeping space.

Meanwhile, Master Jacelyn also recommends activating the south sector of my bedroom. “If you wish to enhance money luck, you can position a red cushion, a lucky fortune cat, or even a water fountain,” she revealed.

“The south governs money luck in Period 9 (from 2024–2043); therefore, you can activate it by placing some fire elemental items. It can be red crystal, amethyst crystal, or even the items I listed above.”

While there’s no chance of me buying a water fountain for my home anytime soon, I’m always down to have more money in my life. It looks like I might go crystal shopping!

Tip #3 - Choose auspicious colours for my bedsheet and room

“Based on your birth information, your auspicious colours are blue, black, yellow, orange, brown, beige, white, and gold. You can consider these colours when painting your room or buying bed sheets,” offered Master Jacelyn.

My current green bed sheets and walls were my mom’s choice. I never previously put much thought into such matters, but if I were to have my own place, it would be super cool to have it in all black. It would exude Bauhaus-inspired modern bachelor pad vibes. This is more of a conversation I need to have with my mum, though. Good luck to me!

Tip #4 - Prioritise my health, both physically and spiritually

Things took a sombre turn when Master Jacelyn commented that the feng shui illness star resides in the south east in 2024, which happens to be where I live. It is therefore important that I prioritise health matters this year.

This resonated deeply with me, as I have been struggling with a few health issues in recent times and have taken it upon myself to exercise more. She advised placing a religious item in the room to help dispel negativity and bring in protection.

When feng shui is used correctly at home, Master Jacelyn says it can optimise your environment, which will lead to better relaxation and sleep. When a person is well-rested and their career is going well, things will pan out smoothly for them.

It was certainly an interesting exercise and really brought me up to speed on the concept and craft of feng shui. If you want to learn more yourself, feel free to follow Master Jacelyn on Instagram and visit the Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui website.

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