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World Toilet Day: Iconic Toilets Of Singapore

Ever had those moments when you’ve eaten a McSpicy or had too much mala and then find yourself rushing to the toilet 10 minutes later? (5 if you’re like me)

It may surprise you that some people don’t even have toilets to rush to (or even have mala, for that matter; but that’s another story).

And it will probably shock you even more that there is even such a thing as World Toilet Day.

Celebrated every 19th November, the founding day of the World Toilet Organisation aims to bring the world’s attention to an ongoing sanitation crisis. 

The lack of toilets can actually cause a lot of harm. According to the organisation’s website, 1,000 children died per day from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation in 2013.

These deaths were preventable.

The site also notes problems such as girls missing out on education, open defecation, and the lack of benefits in the form of reduced healthcare costs.

The organisation is aiming for “universal access to adequate and equitable sanitation and the end of open defecation by 2030”.

Most of us don't have to face these problems, seeing as Singapore is lucky enough to have proper sanitation. 

It’s not like we are still depending on “night soil” carriers. If you are old enough to remember what that is, you’re qualified for a veteran’s discount.

It’s no secret that while Singapore’s toilets are modern and functional, there are some that are also iconic.

We take a loo-k at some iconic toilets of our own.

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