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5 Unconventional Vending Machines In Singapore

Thanks to innovation, vending machines are no longer limited to dispensing food and drinks. Check out these unusual machines, and give them a try!

1. Books

Love surprises? Check out BooksActually’s book vending machines, which offer a feast for your literary appetite. To make the experience more adventurous, the books are wrapped up, keeping their contents a mystery. These machines can be found in various places around the island, including the National Museum of Singapore and outside BooksActually’s shop in Tiong Bahru.

Books Actually, 9 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168645

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2. Teddy Bears

You might remember Kalms, which was synonymous with gift shopping back in the 1990s. While the last of its retail outlets closed in 2016, Kalms lives on through vending machines. Aside from their iconic patchwork teddy bears, Kalms vending machines also carry other stuffed toys and cute trinkets if you want something small to surprise your loved ones.

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3. Laundry

Even laundry services are available via vending machines. Thai start–up WashBox24 offers a simple way to get your clothes cleaned. Just drop them off in a WashBox24 machine and pay online or through the app. In four days, you can pick up your laundered items at the same spot.

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4. Army Supplies

This machine offers an alternative for NSFs who need last–minute supplies and don’t have time to take a trip to Beach Road. ST Logistics, which runs army supply store LifestyleMart, has installed a LifestyleMart Express vending machine at White Sands Shopping Centre near the taxi stand. With a range of products including socks, batteries, ziplock bags and insect repellent, this vending machine provides NSFs with a convenient way to stock up on supplies before booking in.

LifestyleMart Express, 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3, Singapore 518457

5. Cars

Talk about the the ultimate in luxury shopping. This 15–storey showroom is owned by Autobahn Motors and even works like a regular vending machine. Customers on the ground floor use a touchscreen to make their selection, and their car is delivered to them within minutes.

Autobahn Motors, 20 Jalan Kilang, #02-00, Singapore 159418

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