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What Google’s Year In Search 2022 Reveals About Singaporeans

It’s that time of year again: Google has unveiled its Year in Search 2022, and we’ve got OPINIONS (and questions) about what Singaporeans searched for this year. 

Trending Searches

  1. Wordle
  2. Ukraine 
  3. Causeway Link 4
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. Australian Open 
  6. iPhone 14 
  7. Shinzo Abe
  8. COVID-19 Cases Singapore
  9.  GST Voucher 2022 
  10. Thor Love and Thunder

Diane: Not too many surprises here (I was among those who wondered what the Russia-Ukraine sitch has to do with Singapore). And I also wanted to learn more about Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy in the region, beyond what we saw on The Crown. But I can’t be the only one who’s forgotten all about Wordle.

Nicholas: Wah, I still remember earlier this year when everyone and their ah ma was sharing their Wordle “scores” on social media. I daresay this was really the game of the year, really brought everyone together during a time when the world was really reopening again.

Diane: Eh but why search for Wordle itself? Methinks people wanted clues so they wouldn’t break their streak hahaha.

Nicholas: I don’t have it bookmarked so I would search “Wordle”, and enter the game from there . I wonder if others do the same. Actually, I do have a few friends who are still playing Wordle to this day. Two of them open the game at the stroke of midnight.


Trending Singapore News

  1. COVID-19 Cases Singapore
  2. GST Voucher 2022
  3. CDC Voucher
  4. Monkeypox
  5. Omega X Swatch 
  6. WhatsApp Down 
  7. Trust Bank 
  8. Grab Share Price 
  9. Petrol Price Singapore 
  10. SEA Games Medal Tally

Nicholas: Not surprised at what was number 1 on this list. I think many of us were still fearful of another lockdown, so the number of daily cases became like daily reading.

Diane: Judging by these results, Singaporean’s top concerns in 2022 were health and finances. But as much as we Googled for practical things, it’s kind of nice to see the SEA Games Medal Tally and even the Omega X Swatch there - perhaps this was the year we started enjoying life again, after 2+ years of the pandemic.

Nicholas: Don’t remind me about the Omega X Swatch queues! That was when I realised that things were really going back to normal again .

Trending Activities and Places in Sg

  1. i Light Singapore 2022
  2. Gastrobeats 2022
  3. The LKY Musical 
  4. Marquee
  5. Northshore Plaza 
  6. Singapore Food Festival 2022 
  7. NDP Tickets 
  8. Singapore F1
  9. Geylang Serai Bazaar 
  10. Teo Heng KTV

Diane: Now that safe distancing is as outdated as cough - Wordle - it looks like Singaporeans were more than ready to go out for events again. I myself attended the National Day Parade for the first time!

Nicholas: I remember going to the return of iLight Singapore back in June. Events were slowly coming back to our Little Red Dot, but I believe this was the first truly public festival after so long. Kudos to the organisers for making it happen, and I can’t wait for iLight 2023.

Trending Travel Related Searches

  1. Causeway Link 
  2. SGD to YEN 
  3. SG Arrival Card 
  4. VTL Singapore 
  5. Google Flights 
  6. Mysejahtera 
  7. Indigo 
  8. Causeway Camera 
  9. Passport Renewal 
  10. Thailand Pass

Diane: No surprises here - it’d been so long since we could drive across the Causeway that many of us had forgotten how to do it.

Nicholas: Does the Google search cement the fact that Japan is Singapoean’s second home? Jokes aside, many of us were able to go for an overseas holiday after what seemed like decades. I was so happy to finally be able to compete at the Pokemon World Championships in London.


Trending Movies

  1. Thor Love and Thunder 
  2. Black Adam 
  3. Top Gun 
  4. Jurassic World 
  5. Everything Everywhere All at Once 
  6. Doctor Strange 
  7. Batman
  8.  Incantation 
  9. Wakanda Forever 
  10. Ah Girls Go Army

Diane: As someone who watched Ah Boys To Men for the first time in preparation for Ah Girls Go Army, I’m kind of surprised that “AGGA” isn’t higher, considering all the hoo-ha about everything from the casting to the theme song. Also, where is Golden Horse nominee Ajooma?

Nicholas: If you think about it, it’s great to see a local flick make the top 10 with all these mainstream Hollywood movies.

Want to see what else captured ours (and the world’s) attention in 2022? Check out the full report on Google Trends here.

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It’s that time of year again: Google has unveiled its Year in Search 2022, and we’ve got OPINIONS (and questions) about what Singaporeans searched for this year.

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