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(Clockwise from top left): Where my independent women at? Local artists you need to check out, stat: Satina, Naomi G, Iman Fandi, Tabitha Nauser, Zalelo, Masia One, Jasmine Sokko and Narelle. Photos: instagram/@satina.ig, @naomig_music, @imanfandi17, @tabithanauser, @iamzalelo, @masiaone, @jasminesokko and @narellekheng

International Women's Day Spotify Spotlight: Making Music, Making A Point

In honour of International Women's Day (8 March), we shine the spotlight on talented local artistes who use music not only as an outlet for their creativity but also as a platform for empowerment - whether it's fighting for respect, equality or strength in adversity. 

Jasmine Sokko

The music: "Medusa"

The point: The power of reinvention and taking care of your own narrative.

The woman: Our very own Masked Singer, electro-pop princess Jasmine Sokko has always been a trailblazer. But like any great artiste, she's never content with resting on her laurels. With her latest single "Medusa", she aims to rise above labels, citing the mythical Greek figure that inspired the song as a "misunderstood villain" who has "inconveniently become the term to demonise females who come across as domineering or threatening".


The music: "Closer"

The point: To be fearless in love.

The woman: Satina's powerhouse vocals radiate strength and boldness. On her latest single "Closer", she advocates for women to take the lead when it comes love. Singing, "Got me shouting out your name into existence right now", Satina is not afraid to go after what she wants and proclaims that it's okay to embrace your sensuality. We stan a confident queen.


The music: "Just Shut Up"

The point: Know your worth and love thyself.

The woman: Societal expectations, toxic environments and demeaning adults - Narelle wants all of them to just shut up! On her latest single, the former Sam Willows songstress wants you to know that you are more than the labels that others put on you. Takeaway: Never let anyone tell you you are average or mediocre.

Naomi G

The music: "Prey"

The point: Never let anyone abuse you.

The woman: Dark-pop crooner Naomi G wants women everywhere to know the dangers and destructive nature of a toxic relationship. Her latest track "Prey" flips the script on the male oppressors who have done her harm. She is no longer the prey but the hunter. It is an empowering message for victims of relationship violence.


The music: "Enough"

The point: Representation is important.

The woman: Singer-rapper Zalelo has been a fighter her entire career. Whether it is for respect in a male-dominated music industry or a judgmental society that puts too much stock in a performer's looks and social media presence. She just wants to use her "voice for the good", as she laments on her poignant track "Enough". Be sure to check out the music video for this song as well. Zalelo expands on her narrative by including the plight of under-represented sections of society who face discrimination as well.

Tabitha Nauser

The music:"Slow Down"

The point: Don't get in the way of a woman and her good vibes.

The woman: Tabitha is practically a household name at this point. The R&B and pop diva can always been counted upon to put out killer songs. "Slow Down", her first release of 2021 is a banger of a track with an insane drop and infectious EDM pulse. She's trying to have a good time and no one better "suffocate her good vibes".

Masia One

The music: "Not All That Glitters is Gold"

The point: To fight against gender-based violence and sexual assault.

The woman: Masia One's reggae-inflected single may be a dancehall bop but it tackles some very heavy topics. Masia One says: “The song opens with lyrics that describe a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, setting the scene of this song based on real-life experiences during my Australian leg tour in 2019." It sheds light on the debilitating effect that sexual abuse has on survivors but it also speaks to their strength to not let it define them.

Iman Fandi

The music: "Timeframe"

The point: Love knows no borders.

The woman: We recently covered Iman Fandi's stunning debut single "Timeframe", but it is a timely reminder to the power of family and unconditional love. In this current pandemic, lots of loved ones are separated by borders and COVID-19 restrictions. Iman can relate to that experience as she has had to contend with her famous family who are constantly overseas in the pursuit of their sporting dreams. In spite of the gulf, her love for them has never wavered. on Spotify

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