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Spotify Spotlight: Music Theory + Kind Heart = Great Songwriting From Lewloh

Love, healing, and hope. If you love (and need) songs about these three things - especially during these trying times - then Lewis Loh is a must-have new addition to your Spotify playlist.

The 24-year-old, who goes by the artist handle Lewloh, is a solo artist and songwriter with a penchant for translating intangible emotions into songs.

Since the release of his debut album "Lullacry" in 2017, Lewloh has been winning the hearts of folk-pop lovers in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, and Southeast Asia.

Coming up real soon, to coincide with his graduation from Berklee with a degree in songwriting (yay congrats!), is the release of an upcoming full-length album. Ahead of the drop, we speak to the rising star about his stint in the US and... pottery.

You grew up in Hong Kong and spent time in Singapore, before heading to the US - welcome back to sunny Singapore and congrats on graduating from Berklee! How was it over there, and why study music abroad leh?

I initially left for Berklee because I felt that I had plateaued musically… and ended up not only working on my craft, but also building confidence in my identity. I learnt that although knowing music theory can enhance one’s approach to songwriting, the most integral key is to be a good person - which I hope to be working on for awhile!

I wanted to experience music in a different context - and after spending three years in Singapore, it felt time to change up the scenery. It’d also be dubious if I didn’t mention the notoriety of Berklee College of Music, and me being intrigued by its allure. And it definitely did not disappoint. 

It's hard to picture songwriting in such an academic context. But now that you've done it, has it helped your creative juices flow better?

Hell yes! I truly love the craft of songwriting, and now being equipped with every tool in the songwriting book, I feel so empowered.

However, there were specific classes that were not so directly related to my interests initially, but left a lasting impact on my musicianship nonetheless. For example, “Eastern Philosophy”, “Music of the African Diaspora” and “Psychology of Music”. Each of these taught me a different perspective when approaching music and life 

We have to know how it all started - what was the pivotal moment in your journey as an artiste?

Like most Asian children, I was forced into piano playing at the age of four, but was eventually allowed to switch to drums when I was 10. I picked up the guitar at 16, and starting songwriting at 17 post-highschool heartbreak.

I’d credit a huge turning point to meeting Sara Wee during the Noise Music Mentorship in 2015 - where she supported me and taught me how to plug a 1/4-inch cable into my guitar… hahaha.

Other than music, what hobbies do you have?

I’m a huge gamer nerd… I spend way too much time playing "League of Legends" (Diamond 2 player for whoever understands). I also teach songwriting on the side - so DM me if you’d like to learn!

Any teasers for your upcoming album - share share a bit leh. And any future plans?

There are a total of three feature tracks, where I get to share the beautiful voices of four of my talented friends - one of which is "‘Galaxy’ with Ness Franco. There will also be a couple of music videos to add to the narrative of the album. 

My team and I are planning on a few live shows (I miss this the most). I’d also love to pick up a new skill like pottery making, or maybe sign language? on Spotify

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