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ANDSOFORTH's Valhalla And The Chambers Of Asgard Is For Everyone Who Thinks Theatre Is Boring

If you’ve ever fallen asleep watching a stage play, then ANDSOFORTH’s latest experience, Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard, might be the show for you. Part performance, part supper club, and part escape room, Valhalla not only lets you interact with the performers, but it pits you against other audience members to complete the ‘Trial of the Gods’ while partaking in a five-course meal.

Inspired by London’s underground supper club scene, ANDSOFORTH aims to “make Singapore fun again” by staging pop-up dinner performances for audiences who are probably more used to a traditional theatre experience.

But as someone who would rather sit on the sidelines, the thought of bantering with performers or being called up on stage summoned a level of awkwardness that I was not prepared to handle. So I called upon my friendliest friend, who has attended ANDSOFORTH’s shows before, and booked us a Grab to the realm of the gods.  

“The one I went to had hundreds of us gathered,” she said. “Imagine a uni orientation games scenario.”

I’d much sooner imagine myself slain in Ragnarok, but by then, we’d already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was too late to turn back. There was only one way back to the mortal realm, and that was through the gates of Valhalla.

Should you choose to follow, here’s how to prepare for your journey, as well as how to make the most of it, once you’re there. (Don't worry, we're keeping this review spoiler-free.)

A word from the wise: Come on an empty stomach and be a good sport because feasting and tomfoolery abound in the halls of Asgard.

1. Buy tickets early

Tickets are available on ANDSOFORTH’s website, but we’d advise you to book your slot early since dates are selling out fast (they’re already fully booked until 13 December). The venue is kept a secret until the day before the performance, when you will receive an SMS with the location and a password.

2. Wear comfortable clothing

The experience brings you to seven different multi-sensory rooms, where you will meet different characters from Norse mythology. There’s a fair amount of walking, standing, and squeezing into a pulpit. If you’re (un)lucky, you might even be called to the front to perform a most undignfied stunt. So dress accordingly!

3. Bring friends

Because shoving your friends onto Odin’s lap and forcing them to serve you goat stew is half the fun. The more obliging or extroverted your friends are, the better. 

4. Use the toilet ahead of time

The show is about two hours, but only the first room has a toilet. There’s a free drink at the door, so go slow with subsequent orders.

6. Just roll with it

Whether or not you enjoy being forced to gyrate your hips while grinding a potion for the Valkyries, one thing’s for sure: only the garang among us will experience Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard to its fullest. (As one fellow in our group said after being asked to do a lap dance, “I’m not drunk enough for this hor.”)

Tickets range from $108 - $128
Held on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 
5 December 2019 to 1 February 2020
Find more out more and buy tickets here

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