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Aww: We Didn't Expect The Most Retweeted COVID-19-Related Tweets To Be This Heartwarming

Since March 2020, Singaporeans have tweeted about COVID-19 more than 1.8 million times. And according to Twitter's findings, the conversations were largely informative, inspirational, and cute!

The Most Retweeted Tweets

First up, this adorable video, which was retweeted more than 7,600 times, making it the most retweeted COVID-19-related tweet in Singapore:

This young man and his toddler niece weren't the only ones who brought joy to Singaporeans amidst the pandemic. Mothership's tweet about the Singapore Zoo's penguins also made it into the top 4 most-retweeted tweets related to COVID-19.

This cat also went viral for flouting the rules, prompting the poster to scold it with a Malay expression translating to "don't you understand what I'm saying?"'s star-studded "Test, Trace, Vaccinate" music video also made waves amidst tweets about cute animals and kids.

Goodwill Efforts Also Went Viral

People in Singapore also tweeted about helping others, in particular, our frontliners and migrant workers. 

While the past 18 months haven't been easy, it's nice to know that Singaporeans are still willing to spread joy and a helping hand, even in the form of something as simple as a tweet.

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