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Illustration: Ho Ler Lim

Eat These Before Your Run

Whether you are going for a slow jog or doing a marathon, you don’t have to run on an empty stomach. Having a light snack beforehand can keep blood sugar levels steady and prevent you from feeling tired too soon. In general, consume low-GI food which does not cause a quick spike in insulin and blood sugar levels. Also, consume up to just 300 calories if you are exercising within an hour. Stock up on these foods if you are planning to put on those jogging shoes.

1. Bananas

This is a popular pre-run snack because it doesn’t require any preparation and it’s “portable”. Bananas are also said to help fend off sluggishness so chomp on one if you are trying to get into the morning jog routine.

2. Apple juice

Choose a low-sugar option (or make it yourself) and you’ve got a low-fibre source of energy that is easier to consume, especially if you aren’t feeling that peckish. Taking in too much fibre before a workout can lead to stomach discomfort – remember, you should be having a run, not the runs.

3. Nuts

Some studies have found that they reduce post-run inflammation – especially walnuts. Also a good snack option for those of us who don’t fancy something sweet or fruity.

4. Instant oatmeal or low-fibre cereal

Anything with a high fat content takes a longer time to digest and sits in your stomach, making you feel ill. Oatmeal and cereals (eat the latter with just a little milk) are better than prata or kaya bread, for instance. If you are really pressed for time, munch on a couple of wholegrain crackers.

5. Yogurt with honey

When it’s low fat or, better yet, non-fat, it is perfect for giving you an instant energy boost.

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