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Games For The Armchair Sportsman (And Friend)

Are you someone that can spend hours on FIFA building your dream team and taking them to championship glory (because your own team just can’t IRL?). Maybe you’re the one to always jio your friends for NBA 2K game night. Confirm plus chop you are an armchair sportsman.

If you’re the type to live out your sporting fantasies while sunk comfortably into the sofa, then these video games are tailor made for you (and your best bud).

EA Sports FC 24
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Either you’re sinking hours and $$$ into Ultimate Team, managing a lower league club to Champions League glory, or you just like beating your bro 1v1. There’s a Create-A-Club mode, where you can make your own team and help them win a league of your choice. Lion City Sailors in the EPL? There’s a mode for all kinds of armchair fans of the beautiful game. 

NBA 2K24
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Choose your fav NBA team and lead them to the Larry O'Brien trophy. It’s the most accurate on the court b-ball action, without leaving your doorstep. There’s also a franchise mode called MyNBA where you play as an NBA GM, and you can even build your own squad in MyTeam with current and legend NBA players.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

This remake faithfully recreates the first two Tony Hawk games for a new generation. There’s nothing like pulling off a combo of 20 tricks while taking to the skies. Play as the legend Tony Hawk or his friends, or create your own pro skater complete with awesome kicks.

Gran Turismo 7
PlayStation 4|5

The most realistic driving simulator on console is everything you could ever want in a racing game. Every car feels different, and the game is so chock-full of features (more than 400 cars, 90 different track variations, license tests, and race challenges) that you can feel lost in all the content.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

The only game where you can pretend to be Yip Pin Xiu and rep our colours even if you are pot-bellied. Create your own character, schedule a mini Olympics with the fam, and win for Team Singapore.

PGA Tour 2K23
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X, Nintendo Switch

Play against the pros or get the crew together to team up for a 4-player scramble. Start your own career on the PGA Tour or create your own rules for the course. Know what is swing tempo and an albatross in golf? Then this is the game for you.

WWE 2K23
PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, S|X

Layeth the Smacketh down with the top stars and old legends of WWE. Create a wrestler and learn the ropes as you climb to the top (just like Dante Chen). The best part of WWE 2K22 is the GM mode, where you run the show. You can go head-to-head against your best bro to see who is the best booker of them all.

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