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Missing Sports During COVID-19? Check Out These Apps

Sports fans everywhere are crying out for some form of entertainment right now. There's only so many times you can watch old clips or re-runs of past tournaments. Whether you're a football, racing, mixed martial arts or even golf fan (hey, we're not judging), we all need an alternative to fill up that void.

Fret not, mobile sports games are the next best thing during this CB period. Here's our list of the best titles that you can download.

Football: Football Manager 2020 Mobile

If you can't watch your favourite team play, why not manage them instead? Football Manager is a wildly popular gaming franchise that lets you take on the role of a coach. Assemble your dream squad, tailor your tactics and play your way to footballing greatness!

Price: $12.98

Tennis: Tennis Clash Online League

Simple controls, great graphics and a super addictive gameplay that lets you challenge other mobile users, this is a super fun game regardless if you're a tennis fan or not.

Price: Free

Golf: WGT Golf

This game actually makes the sport of golf incredibly entertaining to play (hey, we're just saying). Enhanced with 3D and GPS technology, this full game simulation lets you swing on gorgeously-rendered real-world courses. Trying to pull off the perfect shot to land a hole will become a frustrating yet satisfying exercise, trust us.

Price: Free

Formula 1: F1 Mobile Racing

To answer what everyone's thinking, yes the Singapore circuit is featured in the game. Not only can you race through our iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore flyer, you can even choose to play as popular F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and others or customise your own race car to compete with the more established teams. Great fun all around!

Price: Free

Basketball: NBA 2K Mobile Basketball

With the new Michael Jordan documentary 'The Last Dance' being so popular on Netflix, the itch to shoot some hoops is pretty big right now. Enter NBA 2K Mobile. Authentic gameplay, console quality graphics and a star-studded roster makes it the most realistic b-ball experience you can have while being stuck at home.

Price: Free


Pool: 8 Ball Pool

No after hours establishment in Singapore is really be complete without a pool table. Let's face it, without any clubs, bars or KTVs open currently, one of our low-key favourite pastime is not getting much love right now.

This game delivers a clean virtual billiards experience as you clear tables faster and aim for higher scores and longer combos. 8 Ball Pool will definitely allow you to sharpen your skills without a physical table for the time being.

Price: Free

Badminton: Badminton League

If you're staring longingly at the badminton court in front of the house and your rackets are starting to pick up dust, cheer yourself up with this virtual simulation instead. Challenge your friends in 1 vs 1 mode or aim to win a trophy in Tournament Mode. The most satisfying thing about the game is being able to time the perfect jump and smash. Highly addictive!

Price: Free

Table Tennis: Table Tennis Touch

Ping pong perfection, as the tagline suggests. The game's highly intuitive controls are easily to pick up and master. Before you know it, you'll be testing your skills in Career Mode and rising through the ranks to become the table tennis World Champ. We also recommend the super quirky mini-game mode featuring Half Table, Accuracy Zone and other fun challenges.

Price: Free


Wrestling: WWE Mayhem

What's a more fun distraction than some wacky over-the-top WWE action! Your favourite wrestling superstars such as The Rock and John Cena are reimagined as mobile arcade characters. They resemble more like comic book heroes when it comes to the presentation and gameplay but it's still tons of fun.

They definitely turn up the entertainment factor in sports entertainent with this game so switch off your mind for a moment and enjoy it for the harmless fun that it is.

Price: Free


If you are more of a serious combat sports fan, than this game is right up your alley. Step into the virtual Octagon as you play to become the most accomplished mixed martial artist in the world.

Choose your preferred UFC fighter, build up your moveset and compete against other opponents for a shot at glory. The realistic graphics really amp up the intensity especially when you manage a knock out. It really looks brutal!

Price: Free

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