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You won't be bored on long commutes anymore with these mobile games; no Wi-Fi required. IMAGE: PEXELS/@ladoo

Mobile Games To Pass The Hours In A Plane, Train Or Automobile

Hey gamers, have you experienced one or more of the following scenarios?

  • You're on a long-haul economy flight with no Wi-Fi and you’ve already watched most of the available movies.
  • You're stuck in a three-hour train ride to another part of your holiday destination that bae wants you to visit, with an unstable phone line connection.
  • You're waiting for hours at a customs checkpoint because of an unexpected power outage, regretting that extra large soda you drank.

If you're nodding vigorously, fret not, because we've got your back. We've rounded up the ultimate list of mobile games for iOS and Android that'll keep you entertained for hours anytime on-the-go, no Wi-Fi required.

Slay The Spire

Good for: 3-hour journeys
Key attraction: Deck-building rogue-like adventure

In this game, you choose from one of four characters, each with a unique set of abilities, and an initial deck of cards. The goal is climb the dangerous spire, defeat the boss monsters, and upgrade your deck along the way. Perfect for those occasions when the in-flight turbulence is making you feel like you're battling mythical beasts yourself.

Mini Metro

Good for: 1-hour journeys
Key attraction: Feel like you’re an SMRT boss

Oh, the irony of being stuck in transit with this game that lets you design your own metro system! Draw lines to connect stations and keep the city's commuters moving. This strategy simulation makes you feel like you’re an urban planner, minus the gahmen and people complaining.

Papers, Please

Good for: 5-hour journeys
Key attraction: Think you can do better than SG Customs?

Ever wondered what it's like to work at a customs checkpoint? "Papers, Please" throws you into the shoes of an immigration officer dealing with a barrage of documents, discrepancies, and moral dilemmas. Just remember, sometimes the toughest choices are made while waiting for the power to come back on.


Good for: 5-hour journeys
Key attraction: “Travelling” without actually travelling

This visually stunning game takes you through vast, mysterious landscapes, letting you soar above sand dunes and glide through ancient ruins. Don’t forget to pack your earphones to listen to the Grammy-nominated musical score as you wander the vast world.

Alto’s Odyssey

Good for: 1-hour journeys
Key attraction: Fulfil your skateboarding dreams

Glide through beautiful desert landscapes, perform sand-boarding stunts, and lose yourself in the calming music as you navigate the ever-changing endless terrain in Alto’s Journey. Rack up a high score and forget you're 30,000 feet above ground.

Plague Inc

Good for: 3-hour journeys
Key attraction: Taking revenge on COVID-19

This twisted take on world domination lets you design and spread your own deadly pathogen (think COVID-19) onto the world. As you strategise to wipe out humanity, you'll forget all about the inconvenience of the long commute. If you’re a good guy at heart, there’s also a mode where you need to save the world instead.

Monument Valley 2

Good for: 1-hour journeys
Key attraction Challenging and beautiful puzzles

Guide a mother and her child through mesmerising landscapes, solving intricate puzzles along the way. The mind-bending architecture and optical illusions means you really need to put on your thinking cap, making this game the perfect companion for those moments when you need to escape the monotony of long travel.

Really Bad Chess

Good for: 1-hour journeys
Key attraction: RNG but with chess

It’s the classic game, but all the pieces are completely random. Imagine ending up with 8 Knights, 4 Bishops, and 2 Queens! It's unpredictable, hilarious, and the ideal way to engage your brain when you’re just waiting for time to pass on the train.

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