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QUIZ: Which NDP Theme Song Are You?

People know you as….

A.  The decisive one
B.  The one who documents every hangout on Instagram Stories
C.  The protective one a.k.a. group mum/dad
D.  The one who is single AF but gives the best relationship advice
E.   The bestie who’s been there through thick and thin

Your biggest pet peeve: 

A. People who wear their masks wrongly
B. When the person you’re hanging out with keeps using their phone
C. People who come back from a couple months overseas with an angmoh accent
D. When your S.O. forgets your anniversary
E. People who are late to everything

What is your favourite local movie?

A. Army Daze
B. 3 Peas In A Pod
C. I Not Stupid
D. Ilo Ilo
E. 881

Where can you be found on a typical weeknight?  

A. In the gym
B. At home scrolling through Tik Tok
C. Watching the latest Ch8 drama at home with your grandparents
D. Volunteering for a cause that is close to your heart
E. At your workstation, helping your boss chiong a last-minute presentation

Your friend just caught their other half cheating, and now they’ve broken up. What do you do?

A. Offer to slash the cheater’s tires
B. Help your friend choose fire selfies to post on Instagram
C. Show up at their house with a week’s worth of home-cooked food
D. Listen to them rant until 5 in the morning
E. Set up your friend with your cute, very eligible colleague

What is the best thing about working from home?

A. Saving time by not commuting
B. Working in pajamas while sitting in bed
C. Spending more time with family and loved ones
D. Having 24/7 access to your favourite snacks
E. Being able to poop in the comfort of your own toilet

What are you going to do once the pandemic is over?

A. Sign up for a marathon
B. Book an exotic holiday
C. Invite your friends over for a party
D. Do some charity work for people whose livelihoods were affected by COVID-19
E. Find a new jo—uh, help your workplace revive their business

What is your favourite thing about National Day season?

A. The swell of patriotism
B. Watching the fireworks
C. Watching NDP with your family
D. Hearing all the tear-jerking and inspirational stories
E. Ahem, every day is National Day to me!


If you chose mostly (A), you are: Stand Up For Singapore

You are principled, determined, and outspoken. People think you can be kind of intense, but if that’s what it takes to strong-arm them out of their complacency, then so be it. You’re a natural leader and would not be opposed to waking up at 6 am to run.


If you chose mostly (B), you are: What Do You See

You might be a little quiet IRL, but your Instagram is a wonderland of pretty landscape, food, and interior design photos. You’ve got a wild imagination and are constantly dreaming of a better world. You can be a bit sensitive and philosophical sometimes, but you’re an optimist at heart.


If you chose mostly (C), you are: Home

You are sentimental, family-oriented, and are a fervent supporter of the #SupportLocal movement. You get excited whenever you hear Singlish overseas and would gladly choose your mother’s cooking over a Michelin-starred restaurant. No matter where life takes you, you’ll always feel most at home in Singapore, and would never dream of permanently relocating abroad. 


If you chose mostly (D), you are: Everything I Am

You are always prepared with tissue, snacks, and a listening ear. Your messages are peppered with hearts and sunflower emojis, and your Instagram is full of dedications to your parents, siblings, friends, and S.O. You’ve got a heart of gold and would be content to spend your days volunteering at the hospital and at animal shelters.


If you chose mostly (E), you are: Count On Me Singapore

You are, in a word, STEADY. Just say the word, and you’ll be there. You’re diligent, deliberate, and would never be late to an appointment. You’re unafraid of taking responsibility and can usually manage to pull along one or two people to help when needed.

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