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Singapore Most Likely In ASEAN To Continue WFH

While lockdown restrictions are starting to ease up across ASEAN, some countries continue to impose more stringent measures than others. According to a YouGov survey published on 9 July, Singaporeans are the least likely in ASEAN to return to the office in the near future, with 55% of respondents saying they would be continuing to work from home for the time being (mostly because gahmen says to stay out of the office unless no choice).

This is followed by respondents from the Philippines (44%), Malaysia (29%), Indonesia (23%) and Vietnam (20%). With Thailand having completely ended lockdown at the start of July, only 18% of respondents from Thailand said they would continue to work from home.


However, working from home doesn't necessarily mean staying at home. According to the survey, the Vietnamese are the least likely to stay home, with only 12% saying that they did not leave the house the day before. This is followed by 15% of Thais and 18% of Indonesians.

As for Singapore, now that we're in Phase 2 and can finally get our beloved bobba again, only 35% of Singaporeans surveyed did not leave the house. Similarly, only 39% of Malaysians stayed home, as the Restricted Movement Control Order (RMCO) the country has implemented still allows for freedom of movement within the country.

Finally, with a recent surge of COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, Filipinos are the most likely to remain at home, with 45% of them saying they had not left the house the previous day.

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