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Spotify Spotlight: A Celebration Of Local Talent

In honour of National Day weekend, it's fitting that we celebrate by bringing you the very best in local music. Whether you're a fist-pumping rocker or prefer chilling to smooth R&B, we got an artist for every music genre to satisfy your aural senses.


Genre: Pop

Follow now!: Mix Yao's smooth vocal stylings with laidback earworm tunes and you have the perfect pop formula. 

Reminds Us Of: Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes

Popular Songs: "Scenery", "No Stress", "Love & City Lights"



Genre: Hip-hop

Follow now!: Sarong-wearing, hard-hitting with bars for days, ABANGSAPAU is the next big thing in the rap game. You'll be seeing him soon on our TV screes as well as he will part of the NDP evening segment this weekend.

Reminds Us Of: Kanye West, Tyler The Creator , Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross

Popular Songs: "BUAT APE?", "Rest Up", "Clingy"



Genre: Rock

Follow now!: No one encapsulates Singapore's sunny, tropical vibes in musical form better than Stopgap.

Reminds Us Of: The Beach Boys, Two Door Cinema Club

Popular Songs: "Nervous", "Bender", "Crossing Swords"



Genre: Indie

Follow now!: If Stopgap reminds us of Singapore in the day, M1LDL1FE's music evokes visions of our cityscapes at night. Filled with electronic flourishes and guitar-driven harmonies, this quartet will get you grooving to your hipster's heart content.

Reminds Us Of: Walk The Moon, Phoenix, The Drums

Popular Songs: "In Your Arms", "Small Lanes", "Distraction"



Genre: Post-Hardcore

Follow now!: In a world of cookie-cutter pop stars and bands who are more goody-two shoes, this quintet brings the edge.

Reminds Us Of: Bring Me The Horizon, The Used, Hawthorne Heights

Popular Songs: "Don't You Worry", "City of Gold"


Charlie Lim

Acoustic: Acoustic

Follow now!: One of Singapore's most popular singer-songwriters, this bespectacled crooner has an earthly quality to his music that is both introspective and hopeful.

Reminds Us Of: John Mayer, Jack Johnson

Popular Songs: "Room at the Table", "Bitter"



Genre: Funk

Follow now!: Blending electronic elements with live instrumentation, the band's soulful sensibilities are powered by the dynamic chemistry of rapper and lead vocalist Fareez Shah.

Reminds Us Of: Jamiroquai, Anderson Paak

Popular Songs: "Dopamine", "Chamomile"



Genre: Urban

Follow now!: Sensous and alluring, Hashy's lush vocals are a total mood. Part of a duo with husband Marc Than, Hashy recently released her debut single that has gotten us low-key dancing in our bedrooms imagining we're at a beach party in the tropics. And no, we don't mean Sentosa.

Reminds Us Of: Jhene Aiko, SZA, Yuna

Popular Songs: "Someone New"


The Steve McQueens

Genre: Jazz

Follow now!: Our most prominent jazz export currently, the mercurial musical talents of this four-piece quartet will leave an indomitable mark on any listener.

Reminds Us Of: Kimbra, Ezperanza Spalding, Norah Jones

Popular Songs: "Catch Me Fallin'", "Firefly"



Genre: R&B

Follow now!: Zalelo's mature songwriting and strong voice belies her young age. She is a throwback to early 2000s R&B when every song had a Ja Rule cameo in it.

Reminds Us Of: Keri Hilson, Beyonce, Ashanti

Popular Songs: "Stay Away", "Better"

Happy National Day! on Spotify

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