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Spotify Spotlight: The Best New Local Bands To Emerge In 2020

The events of 2020 might have dampened the spirits of many. But it's also been the perfect time for some to let their creative juices flow. These bands - we have a range of genres here - definitely took the time to produce seriously good stuff and of course we had to share and #supportlocal lah


Genre: Indie-rock

They sound like... bands like The Beatles, The Strokes, Bombay Bicycle Club - drawing from styles like indie-rock, modern psychedelia and nostalgic tunes from the 60s and 70s. Their new album drops today (18 Dec) - expect catchy melodies and infectious guitar hooks.

Causeway Youth

Genre: Indie-pop

They sound like... sentimental and intimate music that brings back sounds of the early 2000s. They are an indie ambient pop band that mixes atmospheric textures and jangly guitars. If you're into melodic guitar sounds with hazy vocals, then this duo will have you hooked. Expect their debut EP that's slated for release in early 2021.

Chasing Daylight

Genre: Alternative rock

They sound like... feel good rock 'n' roll. Their songs convey messages of courage, hope and freedom. If you're looking to hear some sick guitar riffs with honest lyrics that question faith and life, then this is the band to stream. The duo has returned after a two year hiatus and is working towards their second EP set to come out in early 2021.

The Cold Cut Duo

Genre: Mandpop R&B

They sound like: JJ Lin and Chris Brown had a baby. This duo infuses R&B with hip-hop and electronic sounds to deliver energetic and earworm-worthy music. The Mandopo lyrics really give that extra oomph to their songs and get you in a dancing mood. They even came in 1st place during a TikTok competition with an original song.

Firefly Search Party

Genre: Pop, Country

They sound like... multiple genres of music. Seriously, this cool AF duo (they are husband and wife) loves experimenting with genres and their songs contain a variety of them. But at the core of their music, there's always a beautiful harmony of voices from both of them. 

New Recording 47

Genre: A cappella

They sound like... a mini choir of euphonious sounds. It's like you're listening to 5 different people at once but they all seamlessly perform on the same wavelength. If you're feeling patriotic, this five-member group has a rendition of "One United People" that could just as well be a phrase to describe the quintet. on Spotify

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