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Singer-songwriter Iman Fandi drops her debut single Timeframe PHOTO: instagram/imanfandi17

Spotify Spotlight: Timeframe by Iman Fandi

Step into the spotlight, queen! Iman Fandi is all grown up. The 20-year-old is no stranger to the public eye, thanks to her famous parents. Her dad is Singapore football legend Fandi Ahmad while her mum is South African-born former model Wendy Jacobs.

But little did they know that Iman had aspirations of her own to pursue music as a singer-songwriter. Having just launched her debut solo English single, Timeframe, Iman is proving to everyone that she is very much her own woman.

Sounds like: The hypnotic dark pop/R&B stylings of Halsey and Good Girl Gone Bad-era Rihanna. The slick production propels the lyrical themes of mournful goodbyes and loving someone in spite of the time and distance. 

Iman was inspired to pen this track from her experiences growing up around family members who were always travelling for the sake of their careers and friends who had to move back to their own countries after living in Singapore. 

The sci-fi inspired music video features the vivacious beauty playing the role of a chocolate factory heiress who is questioned by the media on her ability to continue her family's legacy. Sounds familiar?

From gracing magazine covers as a model to now dominating the airwaves as an artiste, we're all ready to see the ascent of Iman Fandi in real time. Her raw talent is undisputed. Then again, it runs in the family. on Spotify

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