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A mix of local and international comedy podcasts to brighten your day photo: spotify

Spotify Spotlight: Humour Podcasts That Will Have You In Stitches

Humour is subjective. One man's funny might be another man's cringe. So we've taken the liberty to assemble a most eclectic playlist of comedy podcasts to tickle your funny bones.

From local comedians, bad movie reviews to hilarious interviews, there's a podcast for everyone to enjoy. So fire up your Spotify, sit back and have a roaring good time.

The Podcast by Lepak One Korner


Get your LOL fix through: Cultural observations, hilarious characters, skits

Why we love it: Lepak One Korner is a dynamic self-deprecating comedy duo (made up of Hafidz Rahman and Zuhairi Idris) that celebrates everything Malay. You might have seen them on Instagram with their hilarious Tudung Makcik impersonations that have, unsurprisingly, gone viral.

They're big on character comedy, creating memorable personas such as Bonda Bedah, Mak Temah, Kiki and Shasha as they unravel the Malay identity, warts and all.

Your Tata's House


Get your LOL fix through: Shock humour and observational, blue comedy

Why we love it: If you're looking for something unfiltered and edgy, then this podcast is for you. Hosts Shafyq and Jaarvis boldly discuss controversial topics which are the bane of social issues, sharing their point of view on anything and everything online.

Jaarvis, especially, has garnered a huge social media following for his riotous brand of shock comedy, poking fun at uptight aspects of our culture and giving his hot takes on the news of the day.

Yah Lah BUT...


Get your LOL fix through: Conversation, interviews, topical observations

Why we love it: Hosted by Haresh and Terence from comedy house Ministry of Funny, this duo dives into uncensored conversations on the local hot topics of the day.

Always opinionated and never without a humourous anecdote, they - and the awesome chemistry between them - are a breath of fresh air.

The More Better Podcast


Get your LOL fix through: Interviews, anecdotes

Why we love it: Fakkah Fuzz is one of the most popular comedians in Singapore and is the first to have his own stand-up special on Netflix. While we love his online skits and social media comedy, this podcast allows us to get to know him on a more personal level.

From in-depth conversations with his celebrity friends to discussions on mental health and even Malay history, the podcast lets us experience a rare, more thoughtful side to his personality. His signature comedy still permeates the dialogue and gives levity to some of the deep topics.

The Vada Poche Tamil Podcast


Get your LOL fix through: Cultural observations and anecdotes

Why we love it: What makes this podcast unique is that it is conducted mostly in Tanglish (a mixture of Tamil and English). Four good friends come together to share a few laughs while discussing relatable topics.

Covering everything from relationships and male vs female perspectives to cultural expectations, the discussions are both profound and nonsensical at the same time.

Hey Guys! To continue off the previous episode of Dr. Gore - Wrestler, we turn to the man behind the mask, Caleb Tan and...

Posted by Not Again Podcast on Sunday, May 9, 2021

Not Again Podcast


Get your LOL fix through: Interviews, satire

Why we love it: Stand up comic Gary Tan chats with his contemporaries and other improv comedians. These dialogues can be at times serious and sometimes personal, but mostly contain lots of wittiness and interesting stories. What else do you expect when you bring comedians together?

How Did This Get Made?


Get your LOL fix through: Movie reviews, topical discussions

Why we love it: Have you ever seen a movie so bad that it's amazing? Comedian hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas (of "Brooklyn-99" fame) attempt to unscramble some really outlandishly bad films and give their own movie recommendations. 

If you love movies and making fun of bad movies, you will have a great time with this one.

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