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Spotify Spotlight: Local Grooves, Right Moves This Valentine's Day

Never underestimate the power of background music, especially when you want to go the extra mile in romancing the love of your life this Valentine's Day.

Therefore, young lover, we've got blissful beats, soulful singing, and lovey-dovey lyrics to help you pick the perfect song.

Our "Love In The New Normal" playlist is sure to impress bae who will confirm-plus-chop fall head over heels for you! (Psst! We also have an IG filter that will "predict" what you'll be doing on 14 Feb!)

Meanwhile, here's a rundown of what's on our playlist:

"Future Me + U" by Dru Chen

Lyrics to sing to bae: "If I gave you forever, what would you do with that?" 

Apt for V-Day: According to Dru, "Future Me + U" is a hopeful prayer from one lover to another, putting one’s faith towards a lifetime of commitment. In the vulnerable pursuit of an unknown future, the lyrics encourage us to try our best, regardless of the outcome. Super touching and romantic hor.

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"Sweet P" by Joy Alexis

Lyrics to sing to bae: "I'm so in awe, that I'm even talking to this beauty queen". 

Apt for V-Day: A catchy and energetic hook that draws you in immediately. You just want to pull bae in for an embrace while the melodic song plays in the background. You can call bae "sweet pea" as well, it's a pretty cute nickname.

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"Blue Tick" by FRGN

Lyrics to sing to bae: "Her sweet disposition, uh got me captive". 

Apt for V-Day: No kidding, this song has infectious beats. While the song is a bop, the lyrics talk about deeper issues such as modern day dating and ghosting someone on text. So when bae doesn't reply your lovey dovey texts or blue-ticks you, send them this song instead.

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Shabir's "Thanimai (Solitude)"

Lyrics to sing to bae: "எங்கே உன் கைகள்" ("Where does your embrace wait for me?")

Apt for V'day: "Thanimai" (Tamil for "solitude"), was inspired by countless stories of couples being separated during the Circuit Breaker. If you and bae are using this Valentine's Day to make up for lost time, let this song be the soundtrack of your loving embrace.

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"Make Her Mine" by Jason Yu

Lyrics to sing to bae"I'll go where you go be it rain or shine".

Apt for V-Day: The title of the song says it all. If you're looking to confess or make your relationship official, then this is it. Intimate and affectionate, this song has everything to turn you into a modern day Casanova.

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"Ichigo" by Leon Markcus

Lyrics to sing to bae"Strawberry 甜蜜蜜, 我好想当你的唯一" ("Strawberry, sweet, I want to be your one and only").

Apt for V-Day: This lighthearted Mandpop tune will set hearts aflutter. It's based on Leon's experience in confessing his feelings to his first love during high school. So for those of you who need that last push to just go for it, hopefully this catchy number can provide that.

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