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Got some old red packets lying around? Time to give them a new lease of life. Photo: Nicholas Yong

Stop! Don't Trash Your Used Red Packets - Recycle Them Instead

What do you do with all your red packets that you collected last year? How about the ones that are out-of-date, featuring the wrong zodiac animal? You can’t give those away

Don't just let them gather dust in a forgotten corner of your room. How about recycling them instead?

For the fourth year in a row, Geneco will be collecting used red packets until 31 March; these will be repurposed by SGRecycle into new paper products. Talk about turning trash into treasure!

Geneco has made it super easy for you to do your part. They've set up over 90 collection bins across our Little Red Dot, including popular malls like Plaza Singapura, Bugis Junction, and IMM. You can also drop them off at CRU, Iuiga, OTO, and Refash stores too. So, whether you're out shopping or just chilling with friends, there's no excuse not to bring them out to recycle.

Spot these red packet recycling bins all over Singapore. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Need to know where your nearest drop-off spot is? Click here for the full list of locations. Clear out that clutter and give those red packets a second lease of life.

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