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Student Hacks: Get These Apps, Get Those Grades

Studying from home can pose its own set of problems. Distractions are everywhere and without the proper tools, it might be difficult to get your assignments done. But with these mobile study aids, here's how you can stay on track.

Microsoft OneNote

Why we like it: Your very own digital notepad. You can take notes, capture photos and even share them amongst your classmates. Super handy and easy to manage.

Price: Free

Quizlet Flashcards & Homework

Why we like it: Flashcards have always been a great way to memorise tons of information. Now you can create your very own mobile version and master any subject on the go.

Price: Free

MyScript Calculator

Why we like it: Face it guys, who still uses a physical calculator when you have apps that let you do your daily maths from the convenience of your phone. It's interactive, intuitive and allows you to mix multiple calculations at the same time.  

Price: $4.48

Todait - Smart Study Planner

Why we like it: Having a problem with productivity and time management? This app helps you to plan and divide your study materials over a period of time. Perfect if you're preparing for a big exam.

Price: Free

Forest - Stay Focused

Why we like it: Sometimes, being able to focus on studying is as straightforward as getting the mood right. This productivity app uses the virtual planting of trees as a method to overcome phone addiction and unnecessary distractions.

Price: $2.98


Why we like it: One of the best maths education app around. Simply scan any equation and solve them in an instant. Features also include a multi-functional scientific calculator, interactive graphs and even how-to animations to clue you in on various topics as well.

Price: Free

PAGE Grammar Spell Checker

Why we like it: Like the name suggests, this is a useful English proofreading app for all those pesky essay assignments. Quickly review your text for any grammar, spelling and punctuation issues. You'll never have to get penalised for those careless mistakes again.

Price: $9.98


Why we like it: It's always handy to have Wikipedia at your fingertips. This app boasts an impressive multimedia interface featuring an exclusive mind-map of your navigation, suggested YouTube videos, article previews, advanced image browsing, synchronised bookmarks and more.

Price: $8.98

ScanPro+ App - PDF Scanner OCR

Why we like it: While the price might raise a few eyebrows, this app is totally worth it especially if you have a lot of notes and documents that you need to convert into digital format. It packs all the power of a desktop scanner into one tiny scanner app.

Price: $148.98

Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker

Why we like it: After all the mugging and endless revisions, what your body need is a good night's rest. This smart alarm clock analyses your sleep patterns with detailed tracking so that it can wake you up while you're in a gentle sleep which is the most natural way to keep your body refreshed in the morning.

Price: Free

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