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Challenge: Use Trash And Existing Materials To Create Art - Stand To Win $500!

Looking for a new way to unleash your creative juices? Check out Trashy Art 2021, an eco-art contest where you'll have to create art from beach trash and recyclable materials.

Simi Trashy Art?

Spearheaded by PA PAssion Wave’s conservation arm, Project Blue Wave, Trashy Art 2021 is a virtual contest that aims to raise awareness regarding marine and eco-conservation while promoting the integration of built and natural environments by blending art and trash collection.

How to take part?

To participate, simply take a trip to any of Singapore's beaches (while observing prevailing Covid-19 measures) and start picking up trash to use.

Then, create a personal art piece from the trash you've collected and submit a photo of your artwork on the Trashy Art contest page, along with a 100 word write-up about your art piece.

Six winners will be chosen, and the winning artworks will be displayed at one of the 6 PAssion Wave outlets for a year.


What are the contest guidelines?

1. Contestants must be 17 years and above (based on birth year) to participate

2. At least 80% of the artwork must be made with trash and/or recycled or recyclable materials

3. Your artwork must be portable and not exceed 1.7m in height and width

4. The submission period for the contest ends on 30 November 2021, 2359H. No contest entries will be accepted after that.

5. All entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

- Creativity (20%): Skill in showcasing individual imagination and interpretation

- Message of artwork (20%): Clarity of key message behind artwork, and its strength in complementing Project Blue Wave’s vision and mission

- Use of materials (30%): Skill in incorporating a variety of trash and recyclables to create the artwork

- Appearance and visual value (30%): Skill in creating an artwork with a striking visual impact that captures viewers' attention

Where can I find out more?

For the latest updates on the campaign, participants may check out the contest page and follow PAssion Wave on its social media channels.

- Contest page:

- Facebook:

- Instagram:


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