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Chope tables or relive your BMT experience with these made in SG games. Photos: (clockwise from top left) Instagram/@thensxp,, @hawkerwarsgame, @mercatgames

Wa Seh! Board and Card Games Made In Singapore

Video games are fun, but there’s something extra shiok about friends and family screaming at each other across the table when someone sabo-es another while playing card or board games.

While most of us grew up honing our quintessential kiasu spirit through Uno or Monopoly, they don't have that special kick that an SG-inspired game has – I mean, who else can understand chope or BMT better than we can?

In the spirit of National Day, here is a list of made-in-Singapore board and card games that will make you go: this is home, truly.

Making choices are hard and we don't want to add to your daily struggle at the cai png stall. We've rated the games from beginner (★) to expert (★★★★★) so you'll have no trouble picking a game here:


Hawker Wars
SYNT Studio
2-4 Players
Difficulty: ★★

From the creators of "The Singapore Dream", "Hawker Wars" continues the legacy of our proud UNESCO-approved cultural heritage.

Collect the ingredients to make dishes like Char Kuey Teow and Mee Soto, and earn points – the person who gets 11 points first wins.

Along the way, use event cards like Long Queue, Receive Food Award, and Dabao to help your stall or sabo others.


Kopi King
1-6 Players
Difficulty: ★

Here is a quick and fun game about making your favourite kopitiam drinks. Everybody plays at once, finding the ingredients to make Kopi C, Yuan Yang, even Milo Dinosaur.

For every complete order, you must shout the drink name proudly like a true kopitiam uncle/auntie (Kopi O Siew Dai Peng!) and the first person to finish 5 orders must exclaim, “Close Shop!”.

Read our full review of Kopi King here.


Chope! Respect The Tissue
3-6 Players
Difficulty: ★

Prove to your friends you’re the king/queen of chope-ing tables in "Chope". Who will be the fastest to chope tables first and score more food cards?

The more table cards you chope, the more food you can have. But like at an actual food centre, be careful of the annoying Mynah that can steal your cards.

Disclaimer: No actual tissue packets are used in this game.

Chao Recruit!
2-5 players
Difficulty: ★★★

This is the only card game out there for NSmen to relive the BMT life.

You randomly pick your 11B card, which is the character you will play – like the Sai Kang Warrior and Wayang Kia. Each fella has his own special abilities.

There are also Kena cards to stop your opponents, such as SOL or Guard Duty, as well as Action Cards like Suck Thumb and Semula!

The winner is the one that completes 3 sets of XP and ORD loh! – with cards like IPPT Gold and IMT Firing Practice. Are you ready, recruits? Chiong ah!

You can support the game on Kickstarter until 15 Aug 2021; the game is expected to be shipped in October 2021.


Mooncake Master
1-6 Players
Difficulty: ★★★

The packaging really looks like a mooncake box sia.

In this game, you need to bake beautiful mooncakes – this is done by passing around and arranging four mooncake tile cards together.

You earn points for the same colour, or if the mooncake has a full egg yolk (yum!). You also need to satisfy customer requests to gain extra points.


1-5 Players
Difficulty: ★★★

If you absolutely relate to "Life Of A Potato", then this is a must buy for fans of the webcomic.

Check out our interview with co-creator Nick Pang to learn more about the game.


Hotpot Havoc
Mercat Games
2-5 players
Difficulty: ★★★

If your bae loves hotpot like mine does, then you can try to intro them this game.

Like at Hai Di Lao, choose among 5 soup bases and combine the one you've chosen with 15 delicious ingredients and 5 specialty sauces (mouth watering liao).

All players play at the same time; highest score wins!


Happy Dim Sum
Mercat Games
2-5 players
Difficulty: ★

If your idea of a good weekend is supper at Swee Choon, here’s a game that will whet your appetite.

Order as much dim sum as you can to stuff your friends, while trying to clear your own plates.

To stop them, call for a toast (Yum Cha!), fight for the bill, accidentally pour hot sauce on your friend’s dim sum, or summon Ah Ma to force them to finish their food.


Check Out!
Mercat Games
2-6 players
Difficulty: ★★

Are you the lobang king when it comes to great deals at Cheers or 7-11? Time to show off your skills.

Players roll dice, and match the die with the corresponding snacks, drinks, and desserts. Like at an actual convenience store, you can find special deals too.

The person with the highest points at the end of the round, wins!


Off Track!
3-9 players
Difficulty: ★★★

Become the CEO of SMRT or SBS Transit while simultaneously trying to get to your destination in this MRT track-building game.

Players play one of three roles: the Schoolboy (who can only use the EWL and needs to go “Ruffles” Institution), the Office Lady (who can only use the NSL to go to the CBD), and the annoying disruptor auntie who wants to kacau everyone else.

The best part: nobody can reveal their identity.

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