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What To Do This Weekend (18 to 20 Nov)

Ready for the weekend? Here's what you can look forward to this week.

1. Changi Festive Village

Changi Festive Village is back with a host of fun holiday activities for you and your family to enjoy. Enjoy a magical Avatar-inspired glamping experience, explore the dazzlingly lit Jurassic Mile in Changi's longest-ever light-up, start your engines for an immersive go-kart experience at Dino Kart 3.0, and much more. In addition, be sure to check out Terminal 3's Underground Carnival for over 30 games, rides and carnival booths paying tribute to carnivals from the past, present and even the future.

Till 2 January 2023
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2. Jumptopia @ VivoCity

Take your little ones to Jumptopia @ VivoCity for a world of bouncy fun. Themed around candy, gingerbread houses and other sweet desserts, this inflatable pop-up boasts over 8,600 square feet of castles, giant slides, candy-coloured ball pits, life-sized gingerbread men inflatables, and much more.

19 November to 26 December 2022
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3. Pinocchio

Wild Rice's annual year-end pantomime is back with a cheekily on-the-nose musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale Pinocchio. With a wish and a touch of fairy magic, Pinocchio springs to life… but there are some strings attached! To become a real boy, Pinocchio must first prove himself to be brave, kind and true – a task made harder by a pair of wily con artists who lead him astray.

A hilarious and heartwarming celebration of family, friendship and the importance of being true to yourself, this pantomime is a must-see for adults and kids alike.

Till 24 December 2022
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4. Pokemon GO Safari Zone @ Gardens by the Bay


Get your Pokeballs (and phones) ready for Pokemon Go Safari Zone this weekend, happening at Gardens by the Bay.

You can look forward to encountering special Pokemon themed around Pokemon Air Adventures in-game, such as Flying Pikachu, Lapras, and Maractus. Also, for the first time in Pokemon GO, you have a chance to encounter and catch a Shiny Purrloin. Can't wait? Purchase Early Access tickets to gain entry 2 hours before everyone else.

18 to 20 November 2022
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5. Festive Wild-erland: A Black & White Celebration


The holiday festivities take on a new colour at Mandai Wildlife Reserve with Festive Wild-erland: A Black & White Celebration. Embark upon a spectacular adventure across Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari, where you're invited to discover how black and white is anything but dull in the wild.

Navigate through the Monochrome Maze at Singapore Zoo and learn more about the threats that wildlife face, let your kids climb, play and roll across a panda playground inspired by panda baby Le Le's antics, be enthralled by falling snow in the heart of Night Safari, and much more. In addition, be sure to visit Night Safari and welcome the Tasmanian Devils making their debut from Australia.

You can read our write-up about the Tasmanian Devils' debut appearance here.

Till 2 January 2023
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