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What To Watch, Eat, And Play This Weekend (May 1-3)

Are you getting used to weekends spent at home? If not, no worries – we have a whole list of ways for you to keep yourselves occupied. Five more weeks to go, people!

LISTEN TO: Financially Literate Singapore

As if we weren’t already in enough emotional turmoil, earlier this week, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that the country would enter a recession. Unless you’re the British expat who spent $10,000 renting a Sentosa Cove bungalow pool during the circuit breaker, you’re probably feeling a bit anxious about your finances right now. We’ve been gleaning a lot of comfort from The Financial Coconut’s podcast, Financially Literate Singapore, which they explain and discuss the prudence of buying stocks (aptly tagged COVID-19 FOMO) and what to make of the resilience packages. What we like most about this podcast is that it’s accessible: the hosts use Singlish, they crack jokes, and can talk to the layman without sound patronising.  

Available here and on Spotify

TRY: Make your own space mission patch

Did you know that the ArtScience Museum has craft videos for kids? We didn’t. So if you’ve run out of ways to entertain your children over the long weekend, then head over to their website, which will be updated every fortnight with new workshop videos.

Learn more here

STREAM: Late Company

Pangdemonium’s latest online release follows two families meeting for dinner. One couple (played by Edward Choy and Janice Koh) lost their son to suicide. The other couple are the parents of the boy whom they believe is responsible. Sound intriguing? Then set an alarm for the first of May because Pangdemonium will be releasing it online for free.

Available from 8 pm, May 1 to 11:59 pm, May 7, on Vimeo

JOIN: Singapore Film Society Netflix Parties

So many things to watch, and no one to watch them with – that is, unless you’re game to join the Singapore Film Society’s Netflix Party this weekend, where you can catch horror flick Cabin In The Woods on Friday, and (equally horrifying) The Truman Show on Saturday. Simply add the Netflix Party Chrome extension to your browser, RSVP ‘yes’ on the Singapore Film Society’s Telegram channel, and enjoy.

LONG WEEKEND BINGE WATCH: Terrace House, Tokyo 2019-2020

Okay, so you’re looking for something to binge-watch all by yourself. We’d highly recommend the latest season of Terrace House (Part 3 just dropped on Netflix, FYI), a Japanese unscripted reality programme where six strangers share a house. If you miss making new friends and hanging out with people outside of your immediate household, then you can experience all the awkwardness, drama, and yes, delight, of interacting with other people vicariously through the show’s lovable cast of characters.

Available on Netflix

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