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International Day Of Families – How And Why Is It Celebrated?

Happy International Day of Families!

While this UN observance day might not be as well-known as some other holidays, it’s still an important one to recognise and commemorate.

So, whether you’re spending the day with your nuclear family, your blended family, or your chosen family, take a moment to reflect on the importance of family and the role it plays in your life.

The family that celebrates together, stays together

International Day of Families is a United Nations observance day that is celebrated on 15 May each year. The day was established in 1993 to raise awareness of the importance of families and the issues affecting them. It’s a day to celebrate family unity and solidarity, and to reflect on the role of families in society.

Families are the foundation of society, and the well-being of families is essential for the well-being of communities and nations. By recognising International Day of Families, we can raise awareness of the importance of families and the issues affecting them. We can also promote policies and programmes that support families and address the challenges they face.

Meanwhile, we have tons of ideas on fun ways to spend quality time with the fam.

Furthermore, Singapore celebrates families in all its forms with a month-long National Family Festival from 25 May to 23 June this year.

Led by Families for Life (FFL) Council and co-organised with National Youth Council (NYC), People’s Association (PA) and SportSG, the campaign is chock-full of family-centric activities which will take place at ActiveSG Bukit Canberra, Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, Expo, One Punggol, Gardens by the Bay, and many more locations islandwide.

Think: bouncy castles, a ninja warrior maze, sports try-outs and DIY craft activities, as well as marriage and parenting booths to help and empower couples, and much, much more.

The future of families: Empowering families amidst climate change

The theme for the 2024 International Day of Families is “Families and Climate Change”. This theme recognises how climate change negatively impacts the health and well-being of families such as through increased pollution, as well as forced displacement and loss of livelihoods resulting from extreme weather events.

The theme also aims to raise awareness on how families can play a role in tackling climate change and empower families to make a difference through education, access to information, training and community participation.


The struggle is real: Work-family balance

Balancing work and family can be a struggle for many people, but it’s an important aspect of family life. International Day of Families is a day to reflect on work-family balance and to advocate for policies and programmes that support families. This includes policies such as paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements, and affordable childcare.

Juggling work demands with frenzied family life concurrently is daunting, but you can do it. Read our piece on how to WFH in a full house without losing your mind.


Ageing and intergenerational solidarity: Bridging the gap

As we age, our relationships with our families can change. Many families are now dealing with the challenges of caring for elderly relatives, and intergenerational solidarity has become increasingly important. One common scenario is recognising that not all seniors are avid technology users. Read our piece on how to speak digital to seniors.

Living in a multigenerational household can also pose some problems, especially when it comes to parenting and grandparenting. If the grandparents are too strict with your kids, read our piece on how to deal with the situation. And once you’ve resolved the conflict, here are some suggestions on fun places in Singapore to explore with grandparents.

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