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Urban Farmer Wants You To Grow Your Own Food To Connect With Others

Singapore's tree whisperer Alexius Yeo is the founder of Project 33, a gardening community that teaches people how to grow their own food and encourages them to give away a third of their produce (hence, the initiative's name).

For a long time, he wanted to reconcile the disconnection between people and nature.

"You can sit at home watching your nature programmes, and feel like you've learnt a lot. But when you're actually out there enjoying nature, that's how you get more connected with it," says the 33-year-old.

His knowledge of botany and horticulture is so keen, it even helped him during national service.

"I recognised the landscapes based on the trees rather than other features like roads and rivers," he recalls. "This was a very interesting ability I had honed and could practice in the army navigational exercises."

You can find out more about Alexius and connect with him on Instagram @carboninqsg: 

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