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Singapore's Spider-Man Wants His Future Kids To Do Parkour Too

At the start, parkour coach and freerunning enthusiast Zaki Zakwan (or Zack) didn't have the approval of his family to participate in this sport. Unsurprisingly, like many others, they felt it was unsafe and perilous to one's well-being.

"I want people to be educated in parkour as much as possible," says Zack. "I want them to know that what we are doing is not dangerous, but something that is safe and controlled in our country."

After countless competitions (he placed 6th in the world at the Skyladder Parkour challenge in China), and coming away with only minor injuries, Zack finally gained his mum's support.

According to the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, parkour, fundamentally, is a philosophy, and a way a life. It's a way of looking at any environment and believing in your heart that there is no obstacle in life that cannot be overcome. Everyone is a unique individual, so no two people will come up with the exact same solution, but there is a “way through” for us all.

In case you didn't know, parkour has its origins in French military training from the 1900's and comes from the French word "parcours" (literally, "the way through"). Something the SAF should consider implementing as part of the standard obstacle course, perhaps?

"A life without parkour – that would be impossible. Everything I do leads to parkour," says Zack. "If I had kids, 100 per cent, confirm, I would ask them to do parkour!"

Meanwhile, here's more of Zack doing flips like a boss:

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