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This Chicken Rice Seller Gives Soldiers Extra Portions To Thank Them For Their Service

Who knew that love for one's country and fellow man, and the support for national service could be distilled into a humble yet comforting plate of chicken rice?

Having been through national service himself, chicken rice seller Tan Bee Seng (a signaller during his national service from 1977 to 1979) is able to empathise with the NSFs and NSmen that visit his stall, happily giving them discounts and extra portions as a way of thanking them for their service to the nation.

The result: friendships that last long after the soldiers ORD.

"One day, two NSmen came to me with NDP tickets. I was really overjoyed," Tan recalls. "For over 30 years, I never had the chance to go to the NDP. I'd always wanted to, but it just never happened. I told them, I'm already over 50. Only now do I finally get a chance to go and attend the NDP."

Tan's ties with the military go deeper – his younger son signed on with the Republic of Singapore Air Force a few years ago.

In addition, for his exemplary support towards Total Defence and, in particular, national service, Tan was given the NS Advocate Award for Individuals at the Total Defence Awards in 2015.

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