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Find out for yourself how Ben's been doing and what he's been up to, on "To Ben Or Not To Ben", a livestream event happening this Thursday (20 May 2021). Photo: Sony Music Singapore

To Stay Positive, Benjamin Kheng Has Been Bingeing On "Grey's Anatomy"

Benjamin Kheng aka Ben Kheng is a well-known figure in the local arts scene, propelled to fame by his debut in the now disbanded "The Sam Willows" band and several acting stints.

Here's your chance to get up close (well, as close as virtually possible, that is) and personal with the 30-year-old in an exlusive one-night only fan interaction livestreaming event, which happens on Thursday (20 May 2021) at 9pm on Bigo Live, the Singapore-based livestreaming platform.

What can you do when you log on? Talk to him, play games with him, get seranaded by him... anything that's possible on a livestream lor (within acceptable boundaries ah). As part of his livestream, Benjamin will also be conducting a virtual Q&A session, and if you're a Bigo Live user, you can post and share their questions on the Bigo Bar with the hashtag #ToBenOrNotToBen by 20 May, 12pm.

Ahead of the event, we caught up with Ben over email (because #Covid) to check in on how he's been coping with the pandemic, his solo career and married life.

People may feel even more cooped up at home now with the tightened measures of P2HA - damn sian. How do you plan to spread positivity during the livestream and lift their spirits?

Tons of good vibes and hopefully on-key singing. I want people to know that they’re not alone in this season, specifically because that’s something I need to hear too.


And how have you been staying positive?

I’m really addicted to "Grey’s Anatomy", and there are 17 seasons to be addicted to!

Photo: Sony Music Singapore

Wah, now solo career ah! Striking out on your own after years of partnership in a band is definitely not easy. How's going solo been?

The career’s been fun, I’ve been mixing it up and doing lots of side quests. The pros and cons are: you literally live and die by the creative/business decisions you make; you no longer have the insurance of being in a group. It’s refreshing and also a little terrifying.

Getting hitched during a pandemic is certainly not ideal. Did your wedding go the way you planned it? And married life - how?

I really wanted everyone to sing, dance and get smashed at a big wedding party, but having a small and intimate one was really special too.

Married life is good fun; we’re figuring things out as we go, but it’s been a lot more fun than I expected.


What are some of your biggest takeaways or new skills you've learnt during the pandemic?

After nearly 30 years of my life (and gentle encouragement from my wife), I’m finally able to cook! I also can do some passing yoga moves and know how to ignore sensational viral news that happens in Singapore only because most Singaporeans are trapped at home and need a complaint outlet.

"To Ben Or Not To Ben" happens on Thursday (20 May 2021) at 9pm on Bigo Live, the Singapore-based livestreaming platform.

Download the Bigo Live app here, and search Bigo Live ID: @benjaminkheng

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